Yamaha Introduces Helm Master EX

Helm Master EX Brings Joystick Control to Single Outboard Boats

A boater uses single-engine joystick control to approach a dock.

Yamaha has revealed a new Helm Master EX system that will be available in single through quad applications, giving fishermen who run single-outboard boats the option of joystick control.

Along with expanding to single-engine applications, Helm Master EX offers a long list of new features that improve on the benefits of the original Helm Master system to create greater control and fishability.

Yamaha Helm Master EX – New Features

• Re-designed joystick with new smooth-shifting software and control capabilities
• Effortless autopilot that can be adjusted with the joystick
• Precise digital electric steering that can be added to any digital-electric-control-capable Yamaha outboard (except 3.3liter F250 and F350A models)
• New digital electronic control box
• Sharp looks and design

Also new, Helm Master EX (or its components) can be installed by the boat builder at the factory or by dealers when re-powering customer boats at the dealership. This allows boaters flexibility in tailoring their Helm Master EX system to their specific desires.

Helm Master EX features all-new controls designed for intuitive ease of use.

“The new and improved features of Helm Master EX make boating easier and more convenient than ever before,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine U.S. Business Unit. “The expansion of the system to single-outboard boat configurations is perfect for smaller center console and larger bay boats. The new joystick option, which is the same as that used on multi-outboard systems, allows boaters who desire single-outboard power to enjoy the majority of the benefits associated with multi-outboard Helm Master EX applications.”

While the Helm Master EX joystick cannot make a single-engine boat walk straight sideways or spin within its length, it does allow the operator to crab-walk sideways and offers positioning functions like FishPoint, which acts like a bow or stern anchor to automatically maintain boat position for fishing.

According to David Meeler, Yamaha’s new-product introduction manager, anglers who have tested Helm Master EX were particularly excited about the fishing capability offered with single-engine control. “We had freshwater and saltwater anglers spend a week testing singles, doubles, triples, and quads, and the one they kept falling in love with was that single,” said Meeler. “It’s going to cause a big stir with fishermen.”

FishPoint acts like a virtual anchor to hold a boat in position for fishing.

Helm Master EX benefits from all-new software that was developed by Yamaha. “Helm Master EX software is not an adaptation,” explained Meeler. “It was built by Yamaha engineers, specifically for Yamaha outboards. That allows us to tailor it to the engines, and the result is very smooth and precise throttle control and shifting.”

Helm Master EX is available through Yamaha boat builders and dealers starting July 1, 2020.

Precise digital electric steering that can be added to any DEC-capable Yamaha outboard, allowing for precise control and an uncluttered bilge.

Yamaha Helm Master EX – Benefits

• Enhanced joystick maneuverability with smooth, quiet, precise operation, new single-function buttons, and new features like DriftPoint Track
• Convenient Yamaha Autopilot features like course and heading hold, Track Point (navigation along waypoints), and two types of pattern steer that integrate with Speed Control and Pattern Shift
• Increased comfort, control, and convenience with joystick-adjustability that allows fine tuning of Yamaha Autopilot and SetPoint without leaving current mode
• Incredibly fast and responsive Digital Electric Steering means precise control with an uncluttered bilge
• Totally redesigned Digital Electronic Control (control box) for ergonomic comfort and ease of use
• Suits a wide variety of boats/applications – fits all current Yamaha DEC outboards and back-fits most for a wide range of re-power flexibility
• Yamaha PowerMatched® Limited Warranty applies to all components within the system

3 on “Yamaha Introduces Helm Master EX

  1. dAN

    i have a regal 23 obx- with a yamaha 250, will this work on my boat?

  2. supremacy

    250 should be fine as long as it’s using current Command Link Plus DEC control.
    How thruster connection is unclear, but I guess most probably not as not articles and Yamaha websites tell about that.

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