Walking The Dog

Walk The DogStickbaits, sometimes referred to as “spooks”, will often out-produce other topwater lures in calm conditions but are less effective in rough water. When worked properly, the lure will glide along the surface in a zigzagging action that imitates a struggling baitfish.

To get the signature walk-the-dog action out of your topwater Spooks, use sharp snaps of the rod tip. Vary the time between pumps of the rod to change the plug’s action. Working it fast will create a tight zigzagging action, while waiting a second between pumps of the rod will allow the lure to make a wider side-to-side glide.

The zigzag retrieval of a stickbait is what makes it so effective. Keep your rod tip low,
and make the lure walk with quick, hard snaps of the rod. Pause the lure occasionally to imitate a wounded fish.

2 on “Walking The Dog

  1. Robert maker

    Is there a way to walk the dog while fishing from a sit on Hobie kayak?

    1. sam

      Yes you have to twitch the rod tip from either side of the kayak keeping the tip low. A little slack in the line will help with the action since you arent standing. Use your wrist not your arm.

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