On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents Trout Town

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Join On The Water’s Angling Adventures when we head out to the Catskills!

Chris Megan joins veteran fly-fishing guide Ken Tutalo on the East Branch Delaware River to search for wild rainbow trout among the fiery fall foliage of the Catskills.
For more information on Trout fishing in the Upper-Delaware, check out On the Water’s Two Days On the Upper Delaware River

For more information on Ken’s guide services, visit his Ken Tutalo’s Baxter House Fly Fishing Outfitters

14 on “On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents Trout Town

  1. hank

    where the hell is this place???????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Adam

    Hank, It’s 15 minutes outside of Roscoe, NY, also known as trout town USA

  3. Stan

    Outstanding place to fly fish. Ken is a outstanding person and guide.

  4. LOU


  5. michele e tutalo

    Baxter House Outfitters 47 Stewart Ave., Roscoe NY 12776

  6. Bruce Spiegelman

    just FYI: there can’t be wild rainbow trout in east of USA, like NY. Sorry. They are indigenous to west coast. They were stocked either recently or not so recently. They may or may not have propagated in these rivers, but the one thing we know with 100% certainty is that they are not “native”. Only brook trout are “native” to the eastern USA.

    1. Tom

      Well with that said all brown trout in this country are not wild.. congrats Ken

    2. jake

      You’re both wrong, yes there are no native rainbows or browns, but there are plenty of wild ones.
      Native means they were here before people, wild means they were born in the stream or river as opposed to a hatchery.
      I have personally seen wild browns and bows in NH, NY, and MA.

      feel free to text me at (978)-270-6022 and I will be happy to send you pictures.

  7. Bob Frizell

    I know Exactly where those shots were taken and it’s none of the mentioned

  8. Bob Frizell

    I recognized that place right away. It’s not where you said.

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