On The Water’s Adventures Presents New Jersey Shore Blues

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On The Water’s Chris Megan and Jimmy Fee team up with surfcasting legend Shell E Caris to kick off the surfcasting season in Island Beach State Park casting for the Northeast’s most savage species, the bluefish.

Catch the action on NBC Sports Boston this Sunday, May 20th, at 10AM and Saturday, June 22nd at 10 AM and 10 PM.

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4 on “On The Water’s Adventures Presents New Jersey Shore Blues

  1. Jeff Krupa

    I just wanted to let you know your are doing a fantastic job with the website and magazine. Truly enjoy your articles and the reading format of the magazine. You nailed it!!

  2. D

    Great show. And contrary to popular belief, when properly prepared by a knowledgeable chef bluefish can be damn tasty.

    1. Joe stella

      I still think you soak them over night in milk then give the milk to the cat and throw out the fish . Joe stella

  3. peter okeefe

    surfcasting blues or stripers how about a drone shot from above showing just how far out you need to cast for a realistic shot at a fish?? I usually barely make it to the breakers and never know where i really should be…thanx

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