Video of the Week: Cobia from the Long Island Surf

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In the summer of 2020, Brian Speckles of Bsprex Fishing, made the catch of a lifetime, putting a 45-inch cobia on the sand on the South Shore of Long Island. He had his GoPro rolling through the fight, during which he thought he was hooked up to a shark, until a receding wave revealed the truth.

Cobia have been a more regular visitor in the Northeast in recent seasons, and that trend is likely to continue. You can read about how cobia distribution is predicted to change (meaning more opportunities for Northeast anglers) in the coming seasons here: Predicting Future Cobia Distribution – On The Water

1 thought on “Video of the Week: Cobia from the Long Island Surf

  1. Scott R Schlemmer

    Good for Brian. He works hard and puts out good content. Hope he prospers.

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