Video How-To: Filleting Scup

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Watch as On The Water’s own Andy Nabreski demonstrates an easy method for fileting up scup.
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9 on “Video How-To: Filleting Scup

  1. Morone americana

    Excellent video, thank you for posting. I’ve been filleting freshwater fish like that since I learned how to fillet in 1969. Works great on white perch, bass, crappies etc.

  2. Steve Giblin

    Keep up the good work on filleting! What kind of fillet knives that you used? How do you keep them sharp?

  3. Sidney

    Is there a lure of any kind to fish for scup. Particularly if you are drop fishing from a pier or floating dock.

    1. Vincent Hetzel

      A 1oz jig head or smaller with a piece of clam or squid works well

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