Video How-To: Bridle Live Bunker on a Circle Hook for Big Striped Bass

Beginning in 2021, circle hooks will be mandatory for all bait fishing for striped bass in the Northeast. Captain Brian Coombs of Get Tight Sport Fishing shows how to bridle a large live menhaden (bunker, pogies) on a circle hook to provide the best hook-up ratio on striped bass.

To learn more about catching large Striped Bass check out Capt. Brian Coombs article Pelagic Stripers
Do you have your own techniques for bridling? Share your tips in the comments below.

Special Thanks to Get Tight Sport Fishing

10 on “Video How-To: Bridle Live Bunker on a Circle Hook for Big Striped Bass

  1. Phil T

    Very nice short video on how to bridle with circle hooks. Disappointed to see handling of the striped bass with his hand in the gills. Great that you are instructing on the use of circle hooks. Would be helpful to include proper fish. Handling. Just saying.

  2. Chuck

    Why not use your grips to land it rather than hand in gill plate

    1. Joe Welch

      Usually depends on where the hook is and if you are risking getting a hook in the hand if you lip. Gill plate will not hurt the fish as long as you are not grabbing a raker and you are supporting the tail as well.

  3. Captain Brian Coombs

    Hello chuck, hanging larger fish by the jaw typical causes the jaw to dislocate. I prefer to handle them by holding the outer gill plate and cradling the belly with the other hand. I find this causes much less damage to the fish.

    Any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

  4. John

    On The Water, you ran a great article in a previous magazine issue about how to handle stripers. I learned a ton from it and have changed how I land and handle fish. I am guessing 90% of us are not handling them correctly.

    Could use please get that article in your on line posts and on some of the on line fishing blogs? It would save a lot more fish.. Thanks.

  5. Jon

    The way he set that hook leaves me to believe he wasn’t even using a circle

    1. Andrew

      Having been on a couple charters with Brian, he seems to genuinely care about the fishery. He’s done some work to tag and track stripers too (with the state I believe).

  6. CM

    Most charter/guides are not using circle hooks when with clients. They are exempt from that for the time being which is a joke for sure. Personally witness every day in Pogy schools guides and charters fishing with snag hooks and then dropping with customers, not even changing these out. Not teaching clients or taking care of the fishery very well. Guides should look in the mirror on this one and Im pretty sure most will have the new striper plate on their pick ups as well. Pretty shallow. Take of the fishery and it will take care of you in the long run.

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