Video: Get Started: “Jigging” For Tog

Jimmy Fee, editor of On The Water Magazine, explains how using jigs to deliver crab baits to blackfish makes tog fishing more fun.

Tog Jigging Gear:

Rod: Tsunami Slimwave 6’4” MH
Reel: Tsunami Evict 3000
Line: Spiderwire Invisibraid 30-pound-test
Leader: Seaguar Gold Label 40-pound-test
S and S Bucktails White Chin Wrecker
MagicTails Gamechanger
JoeBaggs Togzilla
Tidal Tails Banana Blackfish Jig’z

9 on “Video: Get Started: “Jigging” For Tog

  1. Joe

    Have just learned to use jigs this year for togs ur Video is very helpful and hit the nail right on the head with very useful information thanks

  2. Gary Besmer

    Thanks for a great presentation on how to fish the tog jig. I have been searching for this info and finally know how to do it. PS, your magazine is the best out there.


    Finaly,I found out how to position the whole and the halve crab on the jig hook.Cant wait to try. THANKS GARY!

  4. Ken

    Thanks for the info.. Never had any interest in this fishery. However, fishing with jigs sounds like fun.

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