The Worst Kept Secret in Striper Fishing: The Musky Mania Doc

The Doc's enticing side-to-side action is irresistible to striped bass and bluefish.

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The Doc is made by Musky Mania Lures, a company founded by freshwater-fishing legend Pete Maina, because he was tired of losing muskies on traditional wood lures. With a wooden lure, instead of the hooks lodging into the muskie, the muskie’s teeth would frequently lodge into the lure, making for poor hooksets.
Beginning with the Burt jerkbait in 1992, Maina began designing lures out of high-impact plastic that couldn’t be penetrated by a muskie’s teeth, allowing for better hookups.
Musky Mania now offers more than a dozen muskie lures, but it’s the mesmerizing side-to-side action of the Doc that has walked its way into the plug bags and tackle boxes of Northeast striper fishermen.
Special Thanks to Captain Rob Taylor of Newport Sportfishing Charters

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3 on “The Worst Kept Secret in Striper Fishing: The Musky Mania Doc

  1. Big Mike

    I can’t count the number of times where everyone is striking out or stuck on schoolies and I’m tossing the Doc and some monstah comes from the depths and sends it 5 feet in the air. My favorite thing to find under the Christmas tree is the Doc and Doc Jr combo pack.

  2. Paul baudisch

    This is advertising. As an avid reader, I don’t appreciate it when you don’t distinguish your content from your advertising.

  3. Matt W

    I have been turning my own on a small lathe, usually from a piece of a busted snow shovel handle. A center wire is pretty easy to make. I can probably make 25 of these for the price of the Doc combo pack!

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