On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents: Stellwagen Bank Bluefin Tuna

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On The Water’s Chris Megan, Anthony DeiCicchi, and Jimmy Fee venture offshore for an exciting tuna adventure aboard the 32-foot Regulator.

Catch On The Water’s Angling Adventures this Sunday, July 31, at 10 AM and 7:30 PM on NBC Sports Boston!

4 on “On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents: Stellwagen Bank Bluefin Tuna

  1. Marc B

    Great episode! Fun to see all the Work that goes into getting a BFT over the rail.

    What popping rod were you guys using?

  2. peter okeefe

    I watched it all which I almost never do. Nice fish..cut him..let him die quickly he earned it.what will you guys do if the fish learn to tag team themselves?? LOL..thank you

  3. Benjamin C Doyle

    Anthony, I just read Tuna Signs on the print edition of OTW. Great article! Sharing a bit about your dad really hit home. Keep writing – you have a ton of talent.

  4. Brian Collinson

    I fished with Capt.Bob Pennington….of The Sea Devil,out of Manasquan Inlet Bogans Basin…fishing at the Hudson. Canyon…some years ago..B-4 big fish were being harpooned.A 3 hour fight & both Mates & Capt.Bob .missed the gaffing,as this monster surfaced. Skimming the surface.. chucking his huge head & finally throwing the huge nyglo Cod jig I used to hook into..1st 20 minutes..4:30 am..B-4 Sun came up…I got to fight ’em & see ’em…Capt.Bob was pissed at himself ,for missing with the flying gaff. I said hey guys…you did your best….that fish was fighting for its life &YEAH…we all would have made some good,hard earned $$$$..but that fish,deserved to swim away & grow even bigger…the hole in its jaw will heal…fish SO TIRED…it. just hung out for a moment & then swam….healthily back…into the depths.I still left the boat that day with 3 nice80-90 lb..yellowfin but that was the biggest I ever hooked into…& lost…but did boat a 200 lb. 2 years later. & lottsa fish every year when TUNA chased schools of whiting & mackerel…only 30 miles out@ ” The Mud Hole “…off NJ…word I’m hearing is…TUNA are returning,chasing bunker & bluefish….a real good sign…14 miles out of Sandy Hook..NJ

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