Review: St. Croix Seage Surf Rods

St. Croix has built a new surf rod that is sure to be a hit with Northeast striper surfcasters who bounce between jetties, boulderfields, and beaches.

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St. Croix’s new surf rod is built for Northeast striped bass surfcasters who are hard on their gear as they bounce between jetties, boulderfields, and beaches. The Seage series of surfcasting rods is designed to handle punishment without sacrificing performance – they are extremely strong and durable, yet still slim and lightweight.

On The Water’s Jimmy Fee details what he likes about the rod, as well as some of the technology that was borrowed from rods at much higher price points, like the Legend Surf.

Seage is offered in 12 different lengths, from 7 to 12 feet.

Rod: St. Croix Seage 10’6 1/2-2oz ML Moderate-Fast Action

3 on “Review: St. Croix Seage Surf Rods

  1. robert fasullo

    What is a good model to use for saltwater fishing from a boat- new england area in shore. stripers, tog, fluke, black sea bass etc. medium action and what Penn spinner would you suggest/

    1. Grindin78

      St Croix Mojo Salt Conventional or Spinning 6’6″ , 7″ Medium are awesome rods. Also the St Croix Mojo Salt Inshore Rods. Penn Spinfisher VI 4500 Live Liner

  2. Artur

    How far can you cast using 10’6ML rod. Would it be able to go 100yards using 1.5oz plugs?

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