Offshore Anglers: Secure your HMS Permit

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Attention tuna fishermen: Before you head out this season, remember to purchase a federal Highly Migratory Species vessel permit for your boat.

Head to, where you can apply for a new permit or renew an old one. And don’t forget that you’re required to report bluefin tuna, swordfish, and billfish landings within 24 hours of returning from a trip.
Reports can be submitted via the permit website, the Atlantic HMS Catch Reporting App, or via 888-USA-TUNA during business hours. Reporting your catch is essential to inform scientists on the health of this resource.

Better data means more informed management and ultimately means better fishing for all of us.

2 on “Offshore Anglers: Secure your HMS Permit

    1. Seth Houghton Dionne

      Yes, You need to get the shark endorsement as well as the HMS permit.

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