Merrimack River Stripers

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On The Water publisher Chris Megan and Captain Carlton Schumacher head out of Newburyport, Massachusetts to fish Joppa Flats and the mouth of the Merrimack River for striped bass using light tackle. Despite the rainy conditions, the fishing is excellent.

6 on “Merrimack River Stripers

  1. Loyd

    thought these were supposed to be full episodes? All I get is a short 1 min video. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Scott

    Never fished Merrimack river. Wondering when the run starts and best bait to use? I fish the Hudson River every year and do well. Just looking for some tips. Thank you .

  3. Jen

    Caught 3 big stripers in Merrimack in Salisbury 6/23/18. Also saw what we think was a Short nosed sturgeon as some big fish that was brown on top and white belly jump out of the water twice prob 20-40 feet from our lil boat yesterday. Had a blast. Been trying to catch a big keeper for years and finally did! One 37”, one 33-1/2” and one 31” threw back as we were at limit.

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