How to Rig Soft Plastics for Striped Bass

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Soft plastic stick baits for striped bass are a must know for all anglers. With many different baits, hooks, and actions soft plastics can be a bit tricky to get started with.

9 on “How to Rig Soft Plastics for Striped Bass

  1. Gary R

    Terrible video, good idea and I’m sure people need help but WHY would the camera be SO far away from the hands?? You can’t even see what is being done.

    1. Glenn Comiskey

      Thanks Kevin…never to old of a dog to learn a trick or two. Any rigging and lure modifications especially for use on the canal would be much appreciated! Could ya get rid of the whistler!?

    2. Steve M

      Great video, thanks! Gary, not too small for me to see.
      Maybe next time you can include some links for viewers to buy these plastic stick baits and hooks. Thanks!

  2. Don

    Video editing needs to be adjusted for default viewer to look watchable in the embedded video. Crop/zoom and republish and it should be fine. Or… watch in full-screen mode and if you have a nice monitor it is fine and the quality is good enough to easily follow.

    The hints themselves are very good. Thanks and looking forward to more!

  3. Al

    Really a terrific video. Thanks for posting it!

    Regarding the comment up above that the video is too small to see, at least on my telephone you can widen it with your fingers and get a very good look at what you are doing.

  4. Stan Welch

    This was a poor video because most of the hook rigging was hidden behind the message going across the video , all I could see was a head shot of you and not what you were doing

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