How to Catch Albies with a Casting Egg and Fly

When albies are picky, it can be challenging to catch them with conventional techniques.

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In these situations, a fly can provide a more realistic presentation that is more likely to get bites. Fishermen using spinning tackle are able to present a fly to false albacore with the help of a casting egg. Jimmy Fee demonstrates how to use the casting egg and fly (also called the splasher and fly) technique to fool false albacore.

Rod: Fenwick HMG Inshore 70M
Reel: Penn Battle III 4000
Casting Egg: Larry’s Lurz Casting Egg

Fly Tied by OTW’s Kevin Blinkoff, and stolen by Jimmy Fee

1 thought on “How to Catch Albies with a Casting Egg and Fly

  1. Kevin

    I am very new to the casting egg method. I would like to ask some questions please.
    !. Do casting eggs only work during feeding frenzies?
    2. Can you use a floating fly with a casting egg? 4′ leader perhaps?
    3. If there is no surface action and the surface is calm will you scare the fish away using a casting egg.
    4. Do you have to pop the egg back? Won’t the V wake get the fishes attention?
    5. Can you use the casting egg as a float to drift and twitch a bait fish fly, or crab?

    Thanks a bunch…!

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