Fishing with Luremaker Patrick Sebile: Big Striped Bass on Topwater Lures

Each spring, striped bass feed aggressively along the shores of Provincetown, Massachusetts. During season 16 of On The Water’s Angling Adventures, Chris Megan and Patrick Sebile of A Band of Anglers hit the water in search of big spring stripers.

While fishing off Provincetown near Race Point, Chris and Patrick encounter stripers feeding on small sand eels. This is where Patrick’s lure, the Dartspin by A Band of Anglers, excelled at matching the profile of these small baitfish.
Later in the morning schools of squid moved in to Provincetown Harbor, and big striped bass were not far behind. By switching from the Dartspin to A Band of Anglers Flying Pencill, Chris and Patrick were able to get some epic topwater bites from big striped bass!

Gear Used:

3 on “Fishing with Luremaker Patrick Sebile: Big Striped Bass on Topwater Lures

  1. RIchard B

    I feel your pain for you people in Mass. & CT. However you can at least use your boat ramps to go fishing. Our brilliant Governor in RI still has all Public Boat Ramps closed. She will allow you to go fishing if you can walk to where you will be fishing and not drive your vehicle. If you call the RI DEM. updates they ask you to call the Governor’s Office. When you call there they tell you to call the RI Business & Licensing Dept. I called there and they said they have no idea when the Public ramps will open. They did say you can use private ramps, but said “ with the nonessential travel restrictions your shouldn’t be driving to a boat ramp”. Try to figure RI rules out?!!

  2. Scott McCone

    @Richard B, I’ve used the public boat ramp in Tiverton and Little Compton. They were both open the week of April 26. Maybe someone didn’t get the memo.

  3. Matthew bishop

    I met Patrick Sabile in 2019 he is a very down to earth type of guy , experience beyond anything I could imagine and I learned so much that day!!!!!!!

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