Field Test Favorite: Z-Man HellraiZer Topwater Chatterbait

Catch more bass on topwater with the new Z-Man HellraiZer chatterbait.

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Avid bass fisherman and OTW contributor, Robbie Tartaglia, breaks down the benefits of fishing the 5-inch Z-Man HellraiZer chatterbait for bass.

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1 thought on “Field Test Favorite: Z-Man HellraiZer Topwater Chatterbait

  1. Allan Butler AKA Stripernut

    Thanks for the review! I have been fishing them this past fall with some success, as hoped they cast great. I had no trouble with the hooks, but the wire shaft off the back would get bent up on better fish and had to be “tweaked” back to shape and has left me worried when I hook a big LM or pike if it will hold up…
    A trick that I find very helpful when casting long distances so you are ready to work the lure as soon as it lands is to stop the line coming off the reel (spinning or baitcasting) when the lure has started its trip down and have the bail closed or reel engaged as it hits the water, as you often get a great reaction strike the first moment as it lands… If you time it right you will not lose any distance and you can “pull” some of the slack/bowed line tight, so you are ready for whatever comes!

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