Epoxy-Style Jigs for Albies, Bluefin, and More

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With the fall-run fast approaching and albies already being caught in New England waters, it’s extremely important to match your lure selection with the variety of small baitfish that serve as forage for hard-tails.

On The Water’s Jimmy Fee highlights the importance of resin jigs for mimicking many different baitfish and increasing your odds of hooking into more fish this fall. JoeBaggs Resin jigs feature a thick durable clear finish around a traditional lead jig and are known for their exceptional casting distance. These are some of the best baits for albies and bonito when in season. They are also used for stripers, bluefish, seabass, porgy, tautog, flounder, tuna, lake trout, and perch.
• Lures featured: JoeBaggs Resin Jigs
Check out this video to see how productive the 2021 albie season was

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