East Grande Ice Fishing | S4 E02

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With 22 miles of water (and in winter, 22 miles of ice), East Grande Lake can be intimidating to new anglers. For that reason, host Jay Baver enlists Tim Jackson, owner of Jack Traps, to help locate East Grande’s hot bite for lake trout and salmon through the ice.

Lake trout and salmon hang at different depths under the ice, so Jay, Tim, and avid ice angler Penny Roy set a number of tip-ups baited with live smelt. It’s not long before a beautiful lake trout sends up a flag on one of Tim’s deeper traps! The salmon also make a good showing, taking smelt positioned just a few feet below the ice.

After a day of watching everyone bail fish through the ice, Jay gets a flag of his own, and he arrives at his tip-up to find the fish stripping off nearly all of his line. Retrieving his line hand-over-hand, with some coaching by Tim Jackson, Jay manages to ice his largest lake trout – almost an 8-pounder!

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