Boston Flounder | S9 E04

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Boston Harbor is a great example of an environmental success story. Today, we will be exploring the fish that have helped make this harbor famous. In recent years, flounder have rebounded in a big way and paralleled the harbor’s clean up efforts. We began the day by heading out from the public landing in Quincy Bay. There OTW’s Chris Megan met up with two long-time flounder fisherman: Ron Powers, contributing writer, and Captain Jason Colby, of Little Sister Charters.

Winter Flounder inhabit the in-shore mud flats around the harbor in the early season before moving out into deeper holes in the summer months. Both Ron and Jason promised me that the fishing was hot just a few miles from the dock, and we made a quick run through Quincy Bay to anchor-up at our first spot just off the town of Hull.

The crew loads up and starts steaming out into a foggy morning in late June. And Capt. Colby puts the cameras right on-top of the fish for an excellent day of fishing? You don’t want to miss the constant action or Pop’s simple yet delicious flounder recipe in a Cooking the Catch Segment back on Cape Cod.

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