4 Ways to Rig the Daiwa SP Minnow

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Stock Treble Hooks and Split Rings

“Canal Style” – Cut 2/0 VMC Treble, Barrel Swivel

Two 2/0 4X VMC Trebles

Two 1/0 6X VMC Trebles

Two 4/0 VMC Inline Single Hooks

14 on “4 Ways to Rig the Daiwa SP Minnow

  1. Luis Ruiz

    I’ve been asking bait shops/ Sporting goods stores for them inline single hooks for year’s and none of them even heard of them or where to get them…
    They all thought I was nuts till I showed them the last hook I had left from Florida..
    Can you “hook” me up with a distributor ?

    1. S Jax

      Sam’s bait and tackle Middletown ri
      They have everything you’ll ever need. Call em up 401-8485909

  2. Steve George

    Two 4/0 VMC Inline Single Hooks, excellent and my preferred setup for when Bluefish are around.

  3. Steve Mirande

    I use two inline single hooks on most setups these days, usually VMC if available but Mustad and Owner both make good inlines s well. I switch all of mine before I fish them, makes getting a big blue off the line easier and probably easier all around on striper stocks too.

  4. John Nugent

    I use a VMC or Owner inline on the back with a VMC treble on the front but after reading this, I think I’ll start to replace the front hooks with inlne as well. The action of the lure is not compromised. Bass almost always hit the front hook and when they do, the rear inline hook is much less likely to injure them during the fight than a treble is. (I do this to all of my plugs). Also, bluefish can swallow a rear mounted inline hook so if you’re releasing your bluefish, pinch down the barb on the rear inline, that way, you can get the hook out with minimal injury to the fish. Finally, replace the split rings on your SP Minnows with good quality ones, the rings that they come with are garbage.

  5. Jackson Read

    I replace trebles w/the VMC inlines they work well and you do not injure the fish nearly as much w/trebles. I have found that inlines enhance the action of most lures especially walk-the-dog top water like the hydro pencil.

  6. Joe

    I just looked at the picture a little closer and it seems like the eye on the treble was cut. Would it make more sense to just use another O-ring?

    1. jOe

      Joe, that’s what he means when he calls the trebles “cut”. You cut thru the eye of the treble with some kind of bolt cutter–a good one for 4x and a very-good one for 6x if even possible!

      As you suggest, using a *split* ring at each end of the swivel would work without the need to cut the treble but IMO the hook points will already drop too low even with the use of a swivel and one split ring. The longer the drop the more the hook is likely to foul with the front hardware and maybe the rear hardware on the cast or retrieve. A perfect cast is a terrible thing to waste! Besides, for those of us not fishing the swift, cow-infested waters of the Cape Cod Canal the other riggings/upgrades (without swivels), if desired are more than adequate, IMO.

  7. James

    What sizes are those sp’s there’s more than three different 13f and s for sinking, 15 and 17. I’m sure these bait sizes indicate hook size differences

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