Video: Surfcasting With Live Bait

Live lining bait can make for some fast-paced surfcasting action and draw in bigger fish.

I was browsing YouTube this morning and came across a video that was created by former On The Water intern, Rich Janitschek, who most of you know as FishAholic.

Rich went south to Florida for the winter and he’s been targeting the usual suspects: redfish, snook, jacks, and tarpon. In the video below, he starts off the trip by using a Rapala X-Rap and Vudu Shrimp to hook a few snook swimming tight to the rocks.
Around the 7-minute mark, he spots a school of baitfish in a pocket while fishing a rocky jetty. Trying to figure out what type of baitfish is in the area, Rich breaks out his cast net, and puts together a ‘full load’ of finger mullet.

Although the video is shot in Florida and he’s targeting species not traditionally swimming in the Northeast, the same principle can be successfully implemented for stripers. Use a cast net to capture adult or peanut bunker in a live well or bait container, hook the fish in the back, and gently lob it to the edge of the school. Let it swim freely until it gets picked up by a hungry bass or bluefish. It’s not uncommon for baitfish to cull out some larger and finicky fish, as Rich does when he hooks into a tarpon estimated to weigh 50 pounds.

Boat anglers and beach buggy surfcasters can benefit from being able to store a cast net, particularly in the fall when adult and peanut bunker are dumping out of breachways, rivers, bays, and inlets. But even surfcasters without access to a 4×4 can bring a small cast net with them.

Try not to overlook small baitfish for live lining because they can be just as productive when compared to bunker and mackerel. Even though most fishermen will prefer bunker or mackerel for live lining, peanut bunker and similar-sized baitfish can make for some fast-paced action.

In the Northeast, bass feeding on adult and peanut bunker is a regular occurrence, particularly at choke points and rips. The reward for live lining could be the bass of a lifetime.

2 on “Video: Surfcasting With Live Bait

  1. Peter

    Live lining bait in the northeast is a fools errand, been there tried that, the water clarity is nothing like it is in FL where live bait makes a much bigger difference. Save yourself the hassle and get good with artificial for the northeast

  2. Chris

    I have had tremendous success live lining peanut bunker for striped bass in MA. Once you find a school that are getting blitzed you will get strikes the minute bait touches the water while the artificial guys just cast through and disrupt the bait ball.

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