VIDEO: Fishing at the Block Island Wind Farm

Unexpected consequences point out how important it is to plan wind farms properly and use all the input we can from the Block Island pilot project to plan other projects.

Since the installation of the Block Island Wind Farm, and the announcement of more large turbines coming to the Northeast’s coastal waters, many fishermen have been wondering how, exactly, these giant structures are going to affect the fishing.

Some have been optimistic, likening them to the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, which have become major fishing destinations, while others are concerned about how they will impact the migrations of large pelagic fishes and whales.
In a recent video by Long Island author and YouTuber, John Skinner, we get a close-up look at fishing around the turbines off Block Island. John finds sea bass and bluefish, and the action seems pretty steady.


2 on “VIDEO: Fishing at the Block Island Wind Farm

  1. Bill Gombos

    Mackerel were everywhere from there to sharks ledge. There were marlin busting in between us on our drifts last couple weeks. I don’t think the windmills are out far enough to have the desired effect people want like mahi and more. I will say though it’s picked up a bit but the ledge is loaded with huge knot heads anyway.

  2. Lynn Ann Miller

    From what I understand, those turbines emit a low level frequency that really disrupts the larger species of fish and other mammals. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have them out there as close as they are or to even have them there to begin with.

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