Video and Photos: Marlin caught off the tip of Cape Cod

Captain Bobby Rice, of Reel Deal Charters, out of Truro, Massachusetts, was swimming a live mackerel on the surface off Provincetown, targeting bluefin tuna, when a surprising species took the bait.

When the rod went off, no one  expected to see a marlin vault out of the 64-degree water with the 8/0 circle hook in its jaw.

With 28 pounds of drag pressure, it took a little less than 20 minutes to subdue the billfish. When the fish came boatside, the crew identified it as a white marlin, and a big one at that.

The Massachusetts state record white marlin stands at 131 pounds, caught off Nantucket in 1982, and though Captain Bobby thought this wayward billfish may have challenged the record, he set it free.

White marlin occasionally follow plumes of warm water inside the canyons to the waters just south of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, but a marlin off Provincetown is extremely rare.

But, it’s not the first time a billfish made a surprise appearance on the Cape in recent years. In 2013, a sailfish was caught in the East End of the Cape Cod Canal. 

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10 on “Video and Photos: Marlin caught off the tip of Cape Cod

  1. sid gorman

    Do not take the fish out of the water for a picture, white marlin are in enough trouble, just release it in the proper manner. Capt SId Gorman

  2. sid gorman

    I really meant good job on the release, wappspnt being sarcastic, capt sid

    1. Michele

      So happy you had the rare experience on your fishing trip. Very, very happy you set it free…..great job!

  3. Andy

    Fantastic fish. Great fight and excellent catch and release. Well done.

  4. Tom Blinstrub

    Strange times, I caught a 20″ Bonito off Scituate Ma a week ago.
    These warm water cycles happen. In the 1940’s two Mahi Mahi were caught in Cape Cod bay in two different years.

  5. TR Schilb

    I hooked up on a White Marlin on Middlebank on 9/6. That fish took a Mackerel up high and jumped 3x We have a video of it boatside, but can only see the tail and dorsal fin. TR on Hot Pursuit

  6. Wayne

    Well done guys! That’s one day you’ll never forget. I would say I was jealous, but that would make it sound like I wasn’t happy for you. Great surprise.

  7. Michael T

    I caught a bunch of small bonitos just out of Gloucester harbor last weekend on a sabiki. guess they were running with mackerel schools

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