Underwater Video: Huge School of Tuna Off Block Island

A school of dense tuna swimming off Block Island in late August.

While fishing off Block Island last Thursday, Aug. 26, Todd Mackechnie says he encountered the largest school of tuna he’s ever seen. Todd was checking his 2D sonar and observed what he thought was a massive bait ball. But come to find out, they were huge schools of tuna.

Tuna Block Island Sonar
At first glance, Todd thought he was on a massive bait ball. But if you zoom in, you can see it’s all tuna.

He put a GoPro underwater and captured hundreds of them swimming together in beautiful blue and clear water. Todd says the tuna were pushing water and corraling bait all day. “Haven’t seen anything like this since the 90’s off Block.”  

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  1. peter okeefe

    I guess the puny humans havent destroyed gods creations yet..LOL..as if we could

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