Tell Congress – It’s Time To Stand Up For Recreational Fishing

Stand Up For Recreational Fishing

Help to change current laws that govern federal saltwater fisheries are out of date and have never taken recreational anglers into account.

There’s nothing like the adventure of saltwater fishing. The adrenaline rush of hooking into a billfish, a big striper, or hard-fighting redfish is second to none. That thrill is undoubtedly what attracts over 11 million Americans to the sport.

Unfortunately, the current laws that govern federal saltwater fisheries are out of date and have never taken recreational anglers into account. This has led to shortened or even canceled seasons, reduced bag limits, and unnecessary restrictions.

The good news is there’s a new law making its way through Congress that should fix those problems!

Take Action – Support the Modern Fish Act

The Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act, or Modern Fish Act for short, has just been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. Rather than focusing on commercial fishing, the new bill is a comprehensive package specifically aimed at addressing the needs of the nation’s 11 million saltwater recreational anglers.

The Modern Fish Act will improve access to America’s federal waters and promote conservation of our natural marine resources. Simply put, that means more and better fishing.

Tell your Representative to support the Modern Fish Act today!

Take Action – Support the Modern Fish Act

9 on “Tell Congress – It’s Time To Stand Up For Recreational Fishing

  1. RHT

    As a recreational angler, I am all for the economic input of recreational fisherman having its economic impact factored into legislation. However, I am not for legislation that weakens the fishing stock catch limits just because recreational fisherman spend more to catch fish. Passing legislation that bypasses science to eliminate necessary catch limits that keep fishing stock abundant is not something I support. Unfortunately, this legislation could allow that to happen. If you are looking for more information about this legislation beyond the marketing, check out this blog,

  2. Kayak Fisherman

    How can OTW support and promote a bill that has not even been fully published or reviewed? When early drafts of the bill seem to remove ALL limits and regulations on recreational anglers?

    Oh, because it will sell more bait, and supplies, and direct more visitors to your site…now I get it.

    Bag and size limits can be tough to deal with, but they ensure fish are left for the next season. We need legislation that fixes the disparities of commercial vs. recreational fishing, but this isn’t it. We need to think long term. On the Water needs to review their support of this terrible legislation.

    1. Matt

      Buy out the bottom draggers. All the bottom fish would come back and take the Rec pressure off your precious striped bass.

  3. Mike

    Is OTW just a mouthpiece for the American Sportfishing Association? What we need is good and balanced reporting on legislation like this, not unfiltered advocacy for an organization that consistently fights conservation measures.

  4. Jon

    Has OTW said they support it? Maybe they published this post so we’d be aware it was on the table and get involved on whichever side of the argument we fall.

  5. Eo

    I should be able to drop a line in the ocean anywhere for anything.
    Federal line is a joke.
    That needs to change for stripers.

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