Teenager Reels in New Rhode Island Tautog Record

A 17-year-old holds a new Rhode Island fishing state record after reeling in a gigantic tautog on Sunday.

Paul Newman Rhode Island Record Tautog

Paul Newman of New Milford, NJ caught the fish of a lifetime while on a trip with Capt. Connor MacLeod of Tall Tailz Charters.

Taken from Tall Tailz Charters:

Today was a day that will never be forgotten by me or my crew. We landed the new RI state record tautog at the official weight of 21.57 lbs thanks to the skilled hands of Paul Newman from New Milford, NJ.

We were having a great start to the day with fish gradually getting larger as they came over the rail. While we had the bigger fish chewing, Paul dropped down a silver dollar sized white crab on a snafu rig. The bait went to the bottom and Paul thought he was hung up immediately. Then we saw the rod tip twitch from a BIG head shake. Not bottom… FISH ON.

Paul Newman Rhode Island Tautog Record
Newman caught the fish on a snafu rig tipped with a white crab.

Paul worked the fish slow like a pro despite the multiple long and heavy runs the fish took. When we finally had the fish back to the surface we were in disbelief. In the net and on the deck and our jaws dropped. Unofficial weight on the hand scale said 21.75 lbs. We knew we had a chance at the record so we packed up and rushed the fish to a state certified scale. 21.57 lbs official. High fives around and back to the boat to continue catching our limit. The fish of a lifetime caught by a 17 year old kid from Jersey. Stoked to be a part of this epic day!

Rhode Island Tautog Record
The fish weighed 21.57 pounds on a certified scaled.

Angler: Paul Newman

Gear & Tackle
Lamiglas 1143F 8′ Crafty One Custom
Accurate 300 reel
30 lb Daiwa J-Braid Grand 8X
50 lb Cortland Fluorocarbon Leader
5/0 VMC Live Bait Hook
Snafu Rig
White Crab

Tautog Fish Measurements
21.57 lbs
33″ length
23″ girth

Rhode Island Tautog Record
Photo Credit: Tall Tailz Charters

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16 on “Teenager Reels in New Rhode Island Tautog Record

  1. Jeff downes

    Snafu rig is not igfa legal so please explain this record .

  2. peter okeefe

    I bet he is sorry he revealed all his gear so quickly online…could have been paid to endorse but thats out the window now..great fish though

  3. Glenn Goldstein

    I didnt knowmthat a snafu rig makes it illegal to break a record.

  4. Justin

    Jeff Downes only if the hooks were set further then 18″ apart from eye to eye. Most typical snafu rigs for blackish are usually within 7-12″

    The actual world record 28lb that was caught by Ken Westerfeld was also caught on a Snafu rig.

  5. Maxx

    I wish fisherman would STOP shooting photos with the fish at arms length, and the camera up close. it’s done to exaggerate the size of the fish. Just stop, OK

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