Striper Migration Map – May 20, 2016

Striper Migration MapStriper Cup Catch Release2016 Striper Migration Map

Big stripers have arrived at Island Beach State Park and along the beaches of Ocean and Monmouth counties in New Jersey, where fish to 50-plus pounds were landed this week around bunker schools. Numbers of striped bass in the 20-pound class have arrived in Rhode Island and in Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal.  Keepers are mixing in with schoolie stripers from Boston north to New Hampshire’s Seacoast.

Captain Nick Alfonse caught this 52-pound striper on Monday while fishing with Captain Eric Kerber of On A Mission Fishing.
Captain Nick Alfonse caught this 52-pound striper on Monday while fishing with Captain Eric Kerber of On A Mission Fishing out of Belmar, NJ.

Chesapeake Bay Striper Report

The Maryland DNR reported that large post-spawn striped bass have moved to the mouth of the bay or out into the ocean. The lower bay region offers the best chance at finding a large post-spawn striped bass that is taking its time leaving the bay.

New Jersey Striper Report

Bass into the 20-pound range have been landed in the bays and rivers in South Jersey. From Island Beach State Park north to Belmar in North Jersey, the enormous of schools of bunker off the beaches have been discovered by big migrating bass soon. Multiple fish in the 30- and 40-pound class were reported in recent days, including a 50-plus.

New York – Long Island Striper Report

Cool weather slowed the Hudson River spawn this week, but there were reports of spawning stripers in the river in recent days. Bass to 20 pounds are being caught at the West End of Long Island and the big bass are slowly spreading east. Read more in the Long Island Fishing Report.

Connecticut Striper Report

Stripers in the 30- to 40-inch range are chasing herring and bunker along the coast and into the tidal rivers. When post-spawn bass leave the Hudson, fishing should pick up quickly in the Western Sound. View the Connecticut Fishing Report.

Rhode Island Striper Report

Stripers to 36 inches have spread out from the South County beaches to Narragansett Bay. Fish to 30 pounds have been caught in the upper bay and in rivers around schools of bunker. View the Rhode Island Fishing Report.

Cape Cod Striper Report

A large influx of bass in the 20-pound range are moving through the Elizabeth Islands, Buzzards Bay, and the Cape Cod Canal. Schoolies are abundant in the Buzzards Bay harbors and along the south side of the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard. A greater number of keeper-size bass to 30 inches were caught this week in Buzzards Bay, from worm “hatches” on the south side. Cape Cod Fishing Report

Massachusetts Striper Report

Schoolie stripers are in from Plymouth to  Plum Island, and there have been reports of more 30-inch fish mixing in as far north as the Merrimack River. Read about it in the Massachusetts Fishing Report

New Hampshire and Maine Striper Report

Schoolie stripers are in New Hampshire and Southern Maine waters! Read about it in the New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report.


7 on “Striper Migration Map – May 20, 2016

  1. Robert Pazdan

    I’d like to know where these fish are , because I was out fishing the Island beach area , and all that was there on Friday was bluefish . From beach to the three mile line , nothing but bluefish , no schools of bunker , no Stripers.

  2. Knapkin

    Does anyone else notice that pictures fake…look at his hands and how hes holding it…plus the shadows on the fish…its a photoshopped picture

    1. Kevin

      Yeah definate photo shop the fins and if that was a 50 pounder it would show on his face

    2. Logan

      It is fake!! Cmon on the water we have to do a better job posting photos than this one!! I was almost jealous until I looked at it better!!

  3. joe s

    38″ 21lbs enfield ct. ive seen 3 at same size in the last three weeks. Regretably not all mine!!!!

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