Striper Migration Map – May 1, 2020

Follow the Striped Bass Migration

Striper Migration Map May 1, 2020

2020 Striper Migration Map

One thing you can be certain of in these uncertain times – the striper migration will continue. After a mild winter and an early start to striper fishing in many locations, a relatively cool and windy April might have slowed things down a bit.

Striped bass are spawning in Chesapeake Bay tributaries and moving up the Hudson River and the Delaware River. Schoolie striper fishing has been very good inside New Jersey rivers, backwaters, and bays, bass are moving east along the south side of Long Island and in Long Island Sound along the Connecticut shoreline, and schoolie stripers have arrived in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Follow along as we track the Striper Migration. You can help by contributing to our weekly map updates—simply share your striper fishing reports here and on social media with tag #stripermigration.

Be sure to follow local guidelines and stay safe and healthy! You can find information and links to relevant state agencies on our COVID-19 and Fishing page.

Also, note that there were some significant changes to striped bass regulations this year.


Chesapeake Bay Striper Report

Info is hard to come by right now as Maryland’s Stay at Home Order in response to the COVID-19 crisis prohibits recreational boating and recreational catch-and-release fishing (limited subsistence fishing is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family), but we can assume that striped bass (rockfish) are actively spawning in the tributaries as surface water temperatures surpass 60 degrees. COVID aside, Maryland opened to striped bass fishing on May 1 and issued guidance for the striped bass season.

Delaware Bay Striper Report

Striped bass (rockfish) have moved up into the Delaware River to spawn. Be sure to follow your state’s regulations requiring catch-and-release of striped bass and the use of circle hooks when fishing bait.

New Jersey Striper Report

In New Jersey, access is getting easier now that state parks are reopening and most bait shops are offering curbside service. The bays, rivers and bridges continue to fish well for striped bass to 30 inches, with smaller soft-plastics on single-hook jigs fishing well. Larger bass are beginning to show up on the ocean side from Cape May to Atlantic City but effort has been low as the wind has been tough. The Raritan Bay striper bite has slowed as bass are moving into the Hudson, but there have still been plenty of big fish caught this week by kayakers and boaters on plugs, shads, spoons and mojos. Surfcasters are catching on bloodworms and bunker chunks. Take advantage of curbside and delivery service from your local tackle shop and be safe.

StriperCup 2020

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New York – Hudson River and Long Island Striper Report

Hudson River spawning stock stripers are pushing up the Hudson to spawn. The fishing has picked up this week with bass to 30 pounds as far upriver as Troy.

Bigger striped bass are at the west end of Long Island, but surf fishing continues to improve as migrating stripers spread east along the south side beaches and along the north shore in Long Island Sound. Big bluefish have also appeared in the surf this week. Anglers are reminded to be safe and practice social distancing.

Randy Martin has been enjoying good fishing on the Hudson this week, landing stripers to 32 pounds.

Read the New York / Long Island Fishing Report

Connecticut/Rhode Island Striper Report

Migrating stripers are making a good showing along the shorelines of Connecticut, blurring the lines between fresh fish and holdovers. Schoolie stripers are increasing in number in Rhode Island over the past week and have pushed up into Narragansett Bay, with more 24-inch-plus fish in the mix lately.

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Cape Cod/ Massachusetts Striper Report

Schoolies have arrived in Massachusetts, with reports coming from Buzzards Bay, the south side of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. This week, we received the first reports of striped bass on the South Shore of Massachusetts and expect to hear of bass from Boston north to Cape Ann by the end of next week.

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13 on “Striper Migration Map – May 1, 2020

  1. John

    Has there ever been a study on what the survival rate is for these big cows caught pre spawn I would love to know what kind of shape they are in once they have been hooked for 20 minutes

  2. APEX

    Would you expect your wife to run a marathon two weeks before giving birth? I don’t see anything to be proud of in the pictures of females loaded with eggs. Nearly every State on the Striper Coast has some foolish regulations that either allow people to slaughter fish at migration choke points (Cape Code Canal) or in the spawning rivers. This is not sustainable.

  3. Carl

    If they banned striper fishing on the cape cod canal, my bet is that we would see an immediate positive impact within a few years. The canal is a very traveled migratory route for the fish, and its lined shoulder to shoulder with fisherman. (many rule breakers among them) Its a miracle that a striper can even swim through this gauntlet without being hooked….

    1. Fecum

      Ban fishing at the canal? You’re an absolute fool. They should ban harvest at the canal but not fishing. If there should be any fishing ban it should be in spacing areas for predawn fish. Chances are you live far from the canal and aren’t able to enjoy it so you want nobody to be able to.

      1. APEX


        I live close enough. Combat fishing is not much fun and seeing the selfish slaughter makes me sick. Besides, I’m just a googan to you and if I took a spot that you think you own, you would be all over me. You are right about one thing though, it is foolish to respond to you.

  4. T day

    Any one catching some big ones at the mouth of the ct river or in Springfield area?

    1. Jimi Marturano

      biggest I’ve seen yet is 24” the 30+ are still only around New Haven

  5. John

    We could see hundreds of schoolie bass 12 to 18 in going east from Bell Road yesterday

  6. Bob Blasko

    I caught about a 12″ striper on the Musconetcong River. About 2 miles up from where it dumps into the Delaware. About 8 miles below Phillipsburg, N. J. DATE 5/27/20 about 2p.m.

  7. Masud

    I can’t help but focus on reduction fisheries as the real cause of the bait fish decline and as a result, the predatory fish decline which includes striper, blues, and shark. They have repeatedly violated the Atlantic interstate management plan for menhaden and clean water act for the Chesapeake Bay. Do a simple search and you’ll see years of reported violations.

    Recreational fishing is just a scapegoat and restrictions there may just be for appearances.

  8. canalrat

    caught a lot 24 to 27 inch . one night caught 34 inch , 42 and 45 inches . more the night schoolies . If you looking for big fish better off stay home.

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