Striper Migration Map – March 27, 2020

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Striper Migration Map March 27, 2020

2020 Striper Migration Map

One thing you can be certain of in these uncertain times – the striper migration will continue! Thanks to a mild winter, we’ve reached the start of spring with ocean waters about 5 degrees higher than last year at this time. So far, we’re seeing a strong start to striper fishing in many locations.

Striped bass are moving toward spawning grounds in Chesapeake Bay tributaries, and big pre-spawn stripers have arrived in northern New Jersey. Schoolie stripers are getting active in warming inshore areas in Delaware Bay, inside New Jersey rivers, backwaters, and bays, and at the west end of Long Island.
Follow along as we track the Striper Migration. You can help by contributing to our weekly map updates—simply share your striper fishing reports here, and on social media with tag #stripermigration. Be sure to follow local guidelines and stay safe and healthy!

Also, note that there were some significant changes to striped bass regulations this year.


Chesapeake Bay Striper Report

Striped bass are moving into spawning tributaries, and some spawning action has been observed on the Rappahannock. Anglers need to be aware that no catch and release of striped bass is permitted in the tidal rivers. The Choptank and Nanticoke rivers are the two major spawning rivers in the middle bay. The fish are under a lot of stress. The penalties for violating these protective regulations are high, usually resulting in fines and license suspensions.

There has been some catch-and-release action for striped bass, with anglers trolling umbrella rigs from Kent Island down to Solomons Island, according to reports from Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources.

Anglers are reminded that all catch and release of striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay ends March 31 and will not open to striped bass fishing of any kind until May 1. Read more about Maryland’s decision to close spring catch-and-release striper fishing, which has been widely criticized by sportfishing groups.

New Jersey Striper Report

In southern Jersey, the back bays are fishing really well for striped bass, with bloodworms the top bait. Most of the stripers are 18 to 24 inches,  from Toms River south to Cape May. Outgoing current has been the better bite with the temperatures hovering in the low- to mid- 50s. In Barnegat Bay, striped bass are spreading out and hitting bloodworms, soft plastics, and plugs. Raritan Bay has also been giving up fish from the bay beaches on bloodworms with more keepers in the mix recently. Kayakers and boaters have been locating bigger bass in the 15- to 30- pound range and catching on plugs, shads and mojos. Take advantage of curbside and delivery service from your local tackle shop and be safe.

Read the Southern New Jersey Fishing Report 

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New York Striper Report

Not many folks are getting out and fishing in the Metro NY and Long Island area. However, backwater areas on the West End of the island are holding some schoolie stripers, and there have been reports of schoolies on the beaches around Jones Beach and Fire Island.

Read the Long Island Fishing Report

Connecticut/Rhode Island Striper Report

Holdover striper fishing in the Housatonic River and in Connecticut River tributaries should improve as the fish will only get more active with warming water and the arrival of river herring. No reports of fresh migrating schoolies yet, but if past years are an indication, expect them to show in Rhode Island in about 2 weeks.

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Cape Cod/ Massachusetts Striper Report

Holdover striped bass are stirring in some fresh and brackish waters on Cape Cod and the greater Boston area as waters warm and river herring arrive.

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  1. Juan Rosales

    Question!!! Do you believe this year the net trawlers will slow down do to the lack of restaurants closing? Will Less demand for all types of fisheries occur? Will this mean bigger schools of menhaden and striped bass, etc, etc. will this cause more fish coming into the bays like Narragansset Bay? Is anyone keeping an eye on this to occur?

  2. Dan Noyes

    Can you include a link to last years migration maps and reports?

  3. Quan Bey

    When will the stripes fall?
    The bars of music
    Turn to sea
    Deep gulp
    Like felt spaghetti
    And sight
    Keep going
    If lifted up out of the water
    Baptism of death

  4. Emilio vargas

    WHAT about west coast??? Eastcoadt info does nobbody any good..unlesd thats your what your doing.. I apologize

  5. peter okeefe

    thanx for the info NOW everybody needs to contact congressman and have small 6 man charters released from the corona madness…its out doors and only 6 men for gods sake

  6. Justin Winkworth

    There are fish being caught up to 33lbs in the raritan bay/ sandy hook area

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