Striper Migration Map – April 9, 2021

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2021 Striper Migration Map

Striped bass are spawning in Chesapeake Bay and schooling up at the mouth of the Hudson River. Schoolies are spreading out through the NJ backwaters and moving north. Check out this video podcast to learn more about the Striper Migration Map.

Striped bass managers are collecting public comment on a new plan to manage striped bass. Deadline is Friday, April 9 at 5pm! Here’s how to submit your comments.
Remember that striper fishermen are now required to use circle hooks when using natural bait.
Also, let’s all do our best this season to make sure that any stripers we release swim away healthy.

Striper Migration 04-09-2021

Striped bass are on their spawning grounds in Chesapeake Bay tributaries and in the Delaware River. Smaller stripers are in the inlets and backwaters of New Jersey and spreading north to Long Island. Big prespawn stripers are staging in northern New Jersey. Follow along as we track the Striper Migration. You can help by contributing to our weekly map updates—simply share your striper fishing reports here, and on social media with tag #stripermigration.

Chesapeake Bay Striper Report

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has issued the 2021 regulations for recreational striped bass fishing in the Chesapeake Bay, available on the DNR website. Striped bass regulation maps — showing the bay’s regions and their open and close dates — can also be found on the department website. Remember that all fishing for striped bass, including catch-and-release, is prohibited in the Chesapeake Bay or any of its tidal rivers — except the main stem of the Potomac River — for the month of April. The main stem of the bay will open to striped bass fishing on May 1 south of the Brewerton Channel.

Striped bass are moving into tributaries and will be actively spawning in the coming days  as a stretch of nice weather warms the backwaters.

2021 Striper Cup

Delaware Bay Striper Report

Small stripers (rockfish) are along the Delaware beaches and in the Indian River Inlet. Bigger bass are pushing through upper Delaware Bay, feeding on menhaden and moving up the Delaware River to spawn. Chunked menhaden (bunker) on circle hook rigs has been the top bait for bigger fish.

New Jersey Striper Report

Raritan Bay is the center of striped bass fishing in New Jersey as schoolie stripers, plenty of 30-inch-class fish, and some bigger bass are hitting plugs and bait. The rivers and inlets from Barnegat south to Cape May are fishing well for schoolie striped bass. Plugs, shads, and jigs are all producing fish.

Read the Southern New Jersey Fishing Report 

Read the Northern New Jersey Fishing Report

New York Striper Report

Schoolie stripers are becoming abundant at the west end of Long Island, and resident or “holdover” schoolie stripers are stirring in backwater areas.

Read the Long Island Fishing Report

Connecticut/Rhode Island Striper Report

Holdover striper fishing has been good in the Housatonic River and in Connecticut River tributaries with warming water and the arrival of river herring. Holdover stripers are also stirring in some of the Rhode Island salt ponds and rivers. We’re predicting the first reports of schoolie stripers at the West Wall in Rhode Island in 7 to 10 days.

Read the Connecticut Fishing Report

Read the Rhode Island Fishing Report

Cape Cod/ Massachusetts Striper Report

Holdover striped bass have been reported in some fresh and brackish waters in Buzzards Bay, on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and in the greater Boston area as waters warm. We’re 2 to 3 weeks away from the first wave of fresh schoolies.

Read the Cape Cod Fishing Report

Read the Massachusetts Fishing Report

9 on “Striper Migration Map – April 9, 2021

  1. JE

    Planning to do a little shore fishing in the coming weeks down around Buzzards Bay. Hopefully the holdovers will be out in force. Some nice rainbow trout fishing in the stocked ponds around southeastern MA recently, so it’s a little hard to spend limited weekend time by the sea when there are plenty of rainbow trout to be had in the ponds still – but the call of the striper remains hard to resist….


    Why aren’t these reports made before the weekend? It could some fishermen including myself.

  3. Mike

    Can people report where they are seeing menhaden? It would be great to get a sense of that migration. That will tell us where the big fish are headed.

  4. Mike

    Picture the description in this great interview of the stripers and humpbacks and birds feeding on menhaden
    And then picture what the East Coast would look like if 51,000 tons of juvenile menhaden weren’t pulled out of the Chesapeake Bay every year to be reduced to pellets for cat and dog food and for fish farms in Uruguay and Canada. The biggest threat to the health of the striper population is the input of juvenile fish in the Chesapeake.

      1. Mike

        Which reminds me of the last line of The Lorax: “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
        And I think people do care. Especially this crowd.

      2. Mike L

        Which reminds me of the last line of The Lorax: “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
        And I think people do care. Especially this crowd.

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    This article was incredibly helpful and informative! THANK YOU!A great gift for fishing lover.

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