Shimano’s Cape Cod Canal Jigging Special

Considering all the fishermen in all the waters in all the world, it’s pretty remarkable that an international company like Shimano would produce a reel tailor-made for the Northeast’s seven-mile stretch of heaven —the Cape Cod Canal.

The Shimano Stella SW is fresh out of R&D and ready to ship to a tackle shop near you. This reel showcases the latest in Shimano’s big-fish-stopping technology built around their new “SW-X Concept.”

According to Ken Iida with Shimano’s Stella global development team: “”With the Stella SW reels and the ‘SW-X Concept,’ we bring together power, rigidity, toughness, drag performance and water resistance into a fish-fighting platform that is unparalleled by any spinning reel on the market.”

The full suite of reels from the inshore 5000 size to the offshore 30000 size is designed to tame hard fighting fish like 10-pound false albacore, 300-pound bluefin tuna, and of course, 50-pound striped bass backed by a 5-knot current.

The Shimano Stella SW 14000XG, aka "The Cape Cod Canal Jigging Special"
The Shimano Stella SW 14000XG, aka “The Cape Cod Canal Jigging Special”

Straight from the press release:

Cape Cod Canal anglers received special focus within the Stella SW series with 14000SWXG. “With this model, we combine easy handling, durability and high speed – and the capacity to handle 295 yards of 65- or 400 yards of 50-pound-test PowerPro,” Iida said. Along with shore jigging for big stripers, it’s also ideal to target tuna with our Orca pencil lures, or for destination anglers heading to Baja Mexico for big roosterfish.” The reel has a 6.2:1 gear ratio to pull in 53-inches of line per crank.

The fast line pick-up, smooth drag and bulletproof construction mean that this reel will be capable of withstanding cast after cast and fish after fish in the most equipment-punishing waters in the Northeast.

As with any premium product, the Stella SW comes at a premium price. Fishermen interested in the Cape Cod Canal Jigging Special can expect to pay $1159.99.

For a more thorough explanation of the whole line of Stella SW reels, check out this video produced by the folks at Tackle Direct with the help of On The Water contributor Captain Ed Berger and fishing television personality, Larry Dahlberg.

20 on “Shimano’s Cape Cod Canal Jigging Special

  1. Brian Gilbert

    over a $1000 dollar reel for fishing the canal, are they crazy.

  2. Bill Wyrebek

    Again, More elitist crap. At that price ($1159.99) when will they have a buy one get 5 free? Let put some pressure on the manufacturers. Singularly we cannot do a damn thing; but if we boycott and start cancelling subscriptions then maybe they will get the message? Unless they are like our current government that thinks the American public is stupid and will swallow anything.

    1. John Domings

      We can put pressure on them, just don't buy! If they don't sell they'll get the message.

    2. Chris Harvey

      I had cars that cost less!!! remember when 150.00 bucks was crazy money? Give me my

      newell, or penn or abu 7000.

    1. Russell Gibson

      If I bought that reel my wife would have me swimming with fish.

  3. Buddy Fisher

    No Thanks, Shimano really gone overboard with there prices on Reels. Really $1150 dollars! Come on Folks!

  4. John Domings

    These people are way out of my price range! Shimao must have felt the need to join Van Stall and Penn with their $1000 reels. Only the elite can afford this crap! I run a charter business and make a deceint living, but I couldn't afford one of these for myself! In these times you would think the manufacturers would be coming out with products we can afford to buy! My name is not Romney, I'm one of the 47%!

  5. Jim Murphy

    This is for people who like equipment/reels more than like they like fishing. The way they talk about this is comical. I’m sure it’s freakin great. Is it going to catch me 5 times as many fish as my daiwa saltist? I think not. Is it going to last longer? Maybe a little. Is it going to impress the chicks? Very doubtful.

    1. Ron

      Even if you don’t care to spend the coin to own the new Stella if you have aspirations for another Shimano spinner in the future, say a Spheros, odds are you will benefit from Shimano’s push to create the finest spinning reel in the world. R&D from creatng a “sky is the limit” product trickles down to the rest of the stable and ultimately makes for better performing and more durable reels all around. It’s kind of like how Honda races at Indy with a 225 mph car and the first time you get on the gas of your new Accord, you think to yourself, “my this thing has guts!”
      Ron Powers

      1. Ryan Bibeau

        Well put Ron, I love my Shimano reels… fresh and saltwater they continue to impress and perform

    2. Jimmy Fee


      I can’t speak to your other points, but there is a rumor floating around that, thanks to the “SW-X Concept,” the Stella SW does indeed impress the chicks.

  6. Pete Mcmanus

    probably an incredible reel… just cannot afford it. it should be called the osterville special.

  7. Peter Garby

    Do I fish with it or hang it on the living room wall for all guests to admire??

    1. Ron

      If ever there was a reel to be fished with it’s the Stella, altough I have heard a rumor of jewelers from swanky suburbs west of Boston who are making necklaces for it…

  8. Dave Humphrey

    Maybe if I sign up for one of those EBT cards……… Then instead of drugs and booze, I can cash it in for one of these reels!

    1. Knot local

      Hi Haters
      The guys at the canal already have their nose in the air, this reel will help continue with the trend of I own the canal and service Rd because I fished with al gags and stab Gibbs

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