Shimano SP-Orca Lure Introduces “Flash Boost” Technology

Designed for targeting bluefin tuna and big striped bass.

Shimano has introduced a new lure technology to their lineup of saltwater lures. “Flash Boost,” which is now available on SP-ORCA FB 150S sinking pencil baits, uses a reflective foil suspended on springs inside the lure to create a flickering, shining, fish-attracting flash with the slightest movement.  The lures are offered in six colors primarily to target tuna and other pelagic species, but they will certainly work on big striped bass as well.

The SP-ORCA FB 150S (150mm length – 5-7/8-inches; 72 grams weight – 2-1/2-ounces) has a side-to-side wobble while it sinks, while the ‘Flash Boost’ puts off a fish-attracting shine. “Essentially, the lure still maintains its action even when not being worked,” said Adam Lytton with Shimano’s product planning team, “while the location of the Flash Boost is designed to mimic the actions of a dying, quivering baitfish.”

Equipped with Shimano’s Propulsion Weight Transfer System for exceptional long-distance casting, where an internal weight slides back during the cast and then springs forward when the lure hits the water. The SP-ORCA FB 150S offers anglers durability with its through-wire construction and all six SP-ORCA FB 150S pencil baits feature Shimano’s Kyorin lifelike holographic design. Colors offered include Blue Pink, Blue Sardine, Flying Fish, Green Mackerel, Halfbeak, and Injured Sardine.

In a new product presentation on Facebook, Shimano pro and Rhode Island-based tuna specialist Jack Sprengel predicted that the halfbeak pattern will be particularly effective on local bluefin tuna. While simply allowing the lure to sink like a dying baitfish will trigger strikes, Lytton recommends working the bait with low, slow sweeps of the rod to trigger the most action.

For more information on the new SP-OCRA FB 150S sinking pencil baits – and to buy locally, visit the Shimano web site .

Suggested Retail: $22.99 (USD)

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