Shimano introduces new Ultegra CI4+ XTC Surf Reels

ULTEGRA CI4+ XTC 5500 Surf Spin

Providing surf anglers with its latest technology for long-casting spinning reels, Shimano introduces a new line-up of Ultegra CI4+ reels, offered in both 5500 and 14000 size models.

To handle the surf, salt and the abuse from big fish, both reels offer a combination of CI4+ construction, X-Protect and Shimano’s HAGANE Gear. The CI4+ material is light and rigid, providing all-day fishing comfort. Shimano’ X-Protect feature is a ‘labyrinth design’ three-lipped rubber seal system that offers exceptional water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation feel. Shimano’s cold-forged aluminum Hagane gear offers both strength and smoothness, providing anglers the power needed when hooked into a 50-pound plus striper.

Both the Ultegra CI4+ 5500 XTC and 14000 XTC feature large diameter long stroke spools to retrieve up to 41-inches per crank. On the larger 14000, Shimano also includes its ‘Super Slow 5’ oscillation system creating perfect line lay and allows line to leave the spool perfectly. “Anglers will notice how Super Slow 5 oscillation puts them within range whether it’s targeting big stripers in the Cape Cod Canal, working the beach at Hatteras, or casting past the breakers for tarpon, snook and tarpon,” said Shimano surf-fishing expert Roy Leyva.

With a 5.3:1 gear ratio, the Ultegra CI4+ 5500 has the spool capacity to handle up to 270 yards of 40-pound test PowerPro, or 315 yards of 12-pound mono. The 4.3:1 gear ratio 14000 size can pack on 460 yards of 50-pound PowerPro, or 440 yards of 16-pound mono.

Leyva notes the all-around surf use 5500 size matches up well with Shimano’s 9’6” and 10’6” Tiralejo rods, while the heavier-duty 14000 had the added line capacity for extra-long casts on the Tiralejo 10’ and 12’ medium heavy power, and medium heavy and heavy power 11’ rods.

For more information on Shimano’s new Ultegra CI4+ surf spinning reels, see your local Shimano tackle dealer, or check out the Shimano web site at


9 on “Shimano introduces new Ultegra CI4+ XTC Surf Reels

  1. Edward Madigan

    Beautiful reel, but it needs to have a beefier handle !!

  2. Ryan

    That reel does not look like it could take a beating. That handle and tiny little t-knob looks ridiculous.

  3. Herb

    The handle is incredibly strong trust me on that , i have an Aero Technium that has an identical looking handle and there’s no way that thing will ever bend of break.

    On another note what happened to Shimano’s God awful website , it was always terrible but it’s even worse now , barely any worthwhile info about the reel models and there’s no parts lists or schematics to be found anywhere.

    I have heard from many that they won’t even buy Shimano reels anymore because they can’t find parts for their reels , they’re not the type to ever send the reel in for service.

    C’mon Shimano , inexcusable.

  4. Mike richter

    Handle looks spindly unless it’s made from tool steel aluminiam gears ? Maybe naval bronze or good brass ?

  5. mark

    I have the original 14000 and best reel i ever owned and casts like a bullet and distance is good and i agree shimano has no interest in creating a website thats customer friendly and reliable and im guessing its because they focus too much on wholesale . Honestly both fresh and salt and for the money i never complain about my reels from them .

  6. Terry manning

    The saragosa egg handle is a simple screw on and feels great on these reels

  7. Herb

    The 14000 has the “Super Slow 5 ” oscillation system instead of the superior “Super Slow 10” system which it should have .

    If they want to really impress people put the Super slow 5 system on the 5500 and the Super slow 10 on the 14000 .

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