Reader Lands Big Bonito

Massachusetts Bonito
Ryan King landed this 11-pound, 13-ounce bonito on Columbus Day, 2012.

Thought that I would send in a picture of this bonito that I caught on Columbus Day out at Monomoy.  We had already landed six albies on nine hook-ups, and we were ready to pack it in after a great day on Handkerchief Shoal when we thought we would just take a look around the corner.  We started our troll at the beginning of Bearses Shoal and my dad quickly landed a nice albie.  Just after getting our lines back in the water, our light-tackle outfit began to scream and the fish ran for the depths. After seeing it circle the boat for about five minutes, we were lazily getting ready to land another albie. But as soon as it broke the surface, our faces lit up and we knew we had something incredible here. After several attempts, we managed to land the fish that scaled out to 11 pounds, 13 ounces.  Its girth alone was 18.25 inches and it was full of sand eels.  Even though we missed out on a state record by just a pound and a half, I was glad to see that the current leader in the Massachusetts saltwater derby was only 5 pounds.

— OTW reader Ryan King

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