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24 on “Win a Rapala Shopping Spree!

  1. Jane Ubben

    What a great contest. would make a great gift if I could part with it

  2. Raymond Ross

    I can tell you that at my age (77) I have bought and used a lot of Rapala Lures both Freshwater and Saltwater. It would be a real kick if I won.

  3. John Mccarty

    Rapala is my go to minnow bait for getting a reaction bite to happen. Something about a motionless bait on the surface that gets them interested but the real fun starts when you finally twitch it slightly and some unsuspecting fish hooks up for a fight.

  4. Tomas rodriguez

    I am new to fishing, started that are retired this would be a great way to get going

  5. Jorge L Francisquini

    Would love to win and try these amazing products from Rapala

  6. Bill

    I don’t know if your from Florida or not but everytime I go fishing in Florida with different people i always notice this brand. I’m just a casual fisher looking to step it up as I plan on moving to Florida near some great Fishing in the future.

  7. Mike Nemcick

    I have been usingRapala lures since I was a kid 50 years ago!! Always performed


    Have a boat load of rapala products
    keep up the quality work.

  9. Edwin Ortiz Jr

    Let’s goooo!! Good luck to everyone joining in.. 🤙🏼🎣

  10. Daniel Dmyterko

    I’ve fished with a lot of your lures. Hope I can win some new ones.

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