Win A New Humminbird And Minn Kota Outfit For Your Boat!

Humminbird And Minnkota One-Boat Network Contest

On The Water, Humminbird, and Minn Kota present: The One-Boat Network Contest

Win the ultimate prize package from Humminbird and Minn Kota! Simply tell us why you need to have your boat outfitted with the latest One-Boat Network technology and you could be selected for a full electronics upgrade!

How to Enter:

Fill out the form below and tell us why your fishing boat should be outfitted with the latest Humminbird and Minn Kota technology. Your boat must be between 19-27 feet with a maximum dry weight of 5500 pounds.
Optional: Upload a video (no more than 5 minutes length) to YouTube where you tell us why you deserve to have your boat outfitted with One-Boat Technology and how you would use Humminbird and Minn Kota products to catch more fish! Include the link in your entry (below).

All entries must be received by 5 PM (Eastern time) April 3, 2019.

Prize Package Includes:

Note: Specific models will be selected by manufacturer based on the size of the boat.

Thank you for your interest!
Entries for The One-Boat Network Contest are closed.
Winner to be announced soon…

37 on “Win A New Humminbird And Minn Kota Outfit For Your Boat!

  1. Robert L . Pazdan

    It would really help me catch more fish . And by the way I wish more people would practice catch and release like I do to ensure there will be fish for years to come .

  2. Vincenzo Rettura

    Would add to my daily adventures in exposing the young to life on the water.
    Tight Lines to All

  3. Kevin Sutton

    Heading into Retirement and hoping to buy my first power boat and to have the best electronics to make my fishing years a success! Signed, a lifetime of fishing from kayaks and a canoes!

  4. James Tule

    Great Opportunity to pass show my family the fun of Boating my dad gave to me

  5. Derek Wilhelm

    Please pick me so I can freshen up my old center console!

  6. edward Moloney

    Attitude of Gratitude is the name of my boat. I am greatful for the chance to win. I just submitted my entry. I also shared the link with others to sign up as I want the most deservent person to win even if that person is not me. I thank you for doing this and giving us all a great opportunity

  7. Tom P

    my Minn Kota and Hummingbird are getting really old, Would also make taking the Grand Kids Fishing more exciting with them teaching me how to work them.

  8. Jeff W

    Grateful to these companies to gift their products to better anyones life and the time they spend with the younger generation in the outdoors !

  9. Harlan DuBois

    This would be absolutely awesome!!!
    This package would make me more competitive when fishing bass tournaments or out on the lake with my family.

  10. Paul B Phillips

    Thanks for the opportunity for winning a chance of upgrading my ride to the fishing grounds into a Fish-Catching Machine!

  11. Glenn Cognat

    I would love to win a minn Kota trolling motor and a hummingbird fish finder I am 71 years old and can’t afford a new one


    My four kids and I would learn how to catch and release more fish .And have a better experience on the water than ever.Thank you to the sponsor for giving us hope in being able to win this great prize.Go hummingbird you are all I will ever buy again and or hopefully win .Thx in advance

  13. Henry Feeney

    A great marriage for two of the most innovative companies in the industry.
    Game changing technology…no doubt about it.
    Safe 2019 to all!

  14. Vic Y

    Need to ditch my Lowrance set ups and go back to Hummingbird. Thanks for the opportunity

  15. Terri McManus

    Would love to have the top of the line technology to fish the lake…that would be awesome!

  16. Rick Ramos

    Would love to upgrade my electronics to explore more fishing areas and to catch more fish

  17. Bob Dutson

    I’ve seen Humminbird multifunction equipment in operation on another boat. Awesome experience. The One Boat technology package would make my own boat a powerhouse!

  18. Don L.

    Would love to win these great products to try out in the Sound for salt water fishing.

  19. Walt Forrest

    Just submitted my story – great opportunity for any entry candidate, like me, that wants Radar & a Trolling motor, that may not be in the budget – using your fishing skills, years of trial by error and learning your own techniques along with modern technology is a winning combination to have fun fishing and return back to the dock or trailer with family & friends. Hummingbird & Minn-Kota’s have been around a longtime as I sold their products in my fishing & hunting stores that I owned in 1982 through 1999 – it seems like a wining combination for any one lucky enough to win this. Plus by putting it to the test, to navigate our waterways, help find fish, and hold a position would make it an easy sale to help promote this technology to other like minded fishing enthusiast like myself.

  20. Ed

    It was a nice experience in composing my entry and reflecting on my past experiences with hopes for the future. See you on the water!

  21. Vinny Q

    I am already dreaming and waiting for the new fishing season and possibly having a chance to use these great new products to change the game to my favor and spend more time fishing both day and night with family and friends. Time to get the boat ready.

    Tight Lines!

  22. Kevin Griffin

    I just reworked a worldcat and repowered this year im boat broke and really want a minnkota trolling motor

  23. Tyler

    I’m 27 years old, I grew up out in the middle of nowhere, Greenwood county Ks, no mom, my dad was hardly around because he had to work. I grew up not really knowing my father and now that I am an adult and I have a good job I decided I was going to buy a boat and take my dad fishing. We had gone a few times when I was young but everyone was always too busy. I have made it my goal to spend as much time with my dad before he dies so we have been fishing like crazy on my 20′ crestliner, but the problem is we can’t find the fish and when we do we can’t stay on top of em long enough to get em! So please find it in your heart to make my father’s last years fish filled and exciting. Thank you and have a nice day

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