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Throughout the course of the fishing season, a wide variety of fish end up on our fillet table at On The Water. We first sharpen our knives during the spring blackfish season, before scup and black sea bass open, and those find their way to the cutting board. Next up is summertime fluke, then tuna, bonito, perhaps a tilefish or two, and once in a while, a striped bass. We end the season as we began, with blackfish, or maybe a few cod if we’re lucky.

Havalon Talon

Just like we wouldn’t use the same recipe to prepare all these species (although frying might work), we don’t use the same blade to process them. We need a longer, flexible blade to fillet the fluke, a short, but still flexible blade for the sea bass and scup, and a stout blade to carve up the stripers, tuna, and tog.
Havalon Talon Fish

This makes the Quik-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System an indispensable tool. The internal locking mechanism on these knives allows us to seamlessly change blades, which is especially useful when processing a mixed bag of fish. The Talon handle can fit any style Talon Blade, from the 9-inch for fluke to the 5-inch for scup. There are serrated blades for cutting bait, and even blades for hunting season, all easily interchangeable on the same Talon handle.

The Havalon Talon’s adaptable design allows it to fit any style Talon blade big or small with the press of a button. The Talon also features a removable back panel for easy clean up after filleting or processing, and it comes with a rugged nylon roll-pack to store a variety of blade styles and sizes. With an infinite list of uses and possibilities, the Talon is the next evolution in cutlery.

Havalon REDI

It took over three years of R&D to create the first Havalon Every Day Carry. The REDI features the all new REDI-Lock replaceable blade system, which lets you easily swap between styles of semi-permanent AUS-8 steel blades. REDI blades are designed for extended use and abuse, and can even be re-sharpened. Each REDI comes with two drop point blades (one with partial serration), a blade holder for extra blade storage, and a T5 Torx bit so you can reposition the pocket clip. The innovation doesn’t stop there, as the REDI is also the first Havalon to have spring assist for smooth, one hand opening.

47 on “Win a Havalon Talon and REDI Knife Package!

  1. Dave Newton

    I would love to have a knife set that would last more then a season of fish cutting. Hook me up!

  2. Scott Spry

    Great looking Knife set – I would love to test it in salt water this season!

  3. Mike Mathieu

    It would be nice to have a durable and dependable blade when out on the water. Saltwater or fresh, a knife if a fisherman’s best friend!!!

  4. Joe Apice

    Looks like like a great knife set. Sure would like to try it out for a season or two !

  5. Stephen Hayden

    The Havalon Talon & Redi knife package looks to be a really great gift, thanks for the chance to win !

  6. William Passero

    a real fillet knife is what I need. These would hit the spot

  7. NM

    Well it’s time I upgrade, this would be a Great addition !!! Thanks for the opportunity…..

  8. Hugo Gutierres

    The knife set would look great with my fishing gear!!!!

  9. Chris B

    Can always use new fishing knives! They all seem to dull up so quick, especially in salt water. No matter how much I clean them & sharpen them. These would be very dependable to have on the boat.

  10. Eric B McKenzie

    I would love to have my 1st official knife set to fillet. I have a few great fishing trips planned for 2022 season

  11. Don Schule

    Just retired and finally have the time to get some serious fishing in. I know I need the right tools and this knife set would really help.

  12. Paul Roderick

    It has been a long time since I had a great knife. So please send a set of great knife set
    the season is coming and to add these to my Boat gear would be Outstanding.

  13. Randy steele

    I would love to have a great knife set like this one.

  14. Wes Guilmartin

    I lost quite a bit of my fishing equipment during a recent move! Would love a new knife set and these seem perfect!

  15. Mark Corey

    These look like they would be a great asset to any body that does a lot of butcher ing

  16. Michael Kraynanski

    THESE KNIVES SEEM TO BE A CUT ABOVE THE REST!!!! Thanks for the chance and the great products!!

  17. Bryan

    These knives would be a great gift for my teenage boys. Should last them many years of great memories.

  18. jack ferguson

    I like the replacement blade idea for a knife with a good solid handle. are they good locking blades ?

  19. David

    Hope the blades don’t pop out like the smaller size. Great knife wish the blades lock in better..

    1. Michael Tucker

      I have my filet knife stolen last season and hope that my luck turns around and I win One of these exception knifes 🤞

  20. Jim

    Need a good fillet knife to clean my stripers for those fish tacos ?

  21. Kevin

    I have a robala knife that’s not worth a dam definitely need to win the Havalon Talon and REDI Knife Package!!!

  22. Gary Schwandt

    All knives require good care; the better they are the more likely to receive that care because a knife which does its job well rewards the user

  23. Bernie Jr.

    They look like a great set of knives that would make the job of cleaning and filleting easier. Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. Ty

      These would be great as I fish fresh water for pan fish to salt for flounder, stripers, and shark and tuna on the ledges.

  24. billy h.

    im over due or a good set of knives these would be perfect..thanks for the chance at winning them

  25. Rev Lou

    The hard steel fish sharpeners are handy, but if you really want to put an edge on that knife get out the sharpening stone. Lightly oil the stone and “do the same number of passes on each side at the same angle as the “origoanl edge”. When the knife edge will bite the nail on passing over your finger nail it is sharp. Good steal is a requirement. the butcher’s “boning knife” is so slim because of the years of re-sharpening.

  26. AnthonyGreco

    These knives look fantastic and the interchangeable blades is great it’s like getting multiple knives with one purchase

  27. Henry Newbold

    an interchangeable set, wow It can’t be beat. fisherman’s art

  28. Joe

    If I win we will see if it really stands up to the full season of of fish cleaning.

  29. Jerry Moran

    Great looking knives would make any one look very professional

  30. Michael Tucker

    Great knifes with exceptional blades.

    Would love to be one of the winners 🎣

  31. Michael Tucker

    Great knifes.

    Would love to be one of the winners 🎣

  32. Rose Bellington

    Who would not like to win this package. It would complete our fishing season.

  33. Robert Harris

    I had a set of the knives and they stolen out of tackle box will get another set when back in stock.

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