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Bubba’s story began 10 years ago on the coast of California in San Diego. For the past decade, and for decades to come, Bubba’s adventure lies in bringing you innovative tools for your success on the water. They love the water just as much as you do, but what they love most is being a part of your journey.

Bubba Multi-Flex™ Interchangeable Set

A first of its kind, the Multi-Flex™ is the ultimate fillet knife for any type of fisherman. Featuring four different full-tang blades (7” Tapered Flex, 8” Ultra Flex, 9” Serrated Flex, 9” Stiff), the Multi-Flex brings the best of Bubba all in to one set. An easy-to-use squeeze and slide mechanism allows you to switch between blades quickly and seamlessly while the Flex-Change™ locking system keeps the blade safe and secure. The signature Bubba non-slip grip handle provides a consistent and classic feel to the new style of knife. The Multi-Flex™ comes in a premium EVA carrying case with a puncture resistant inner lining, removable tray for easy cleaning and a magnetic insert for blade security. The fillet knife will forever be changed.

Bubba 6” Hook Extractor

The Bubba 6” Hook Extractor is the perfect tool for removing deeply sunk or swallowed hooks all while putting less harm on your catch. Engineered with a high-strength, anodized aluminum shaft and a stainless steel hook, the 6” Hook Extractor will stay strong and sturdy in even the most demanding conditions while the titanium-nitride coating provides superior corrosion resistance. The iconic non-slip grip and comfort ergonomics allow for simple, one-handed use and ensure a secure grip through the whole hook removal process. The 6” Hook Extractor is spring-loaded and equipped with a rounded hook to make it easy to navigate and then grasp and safely remove the sunken hook with a single pull. The 6” Hook Extractor will make removing hooks easier than ever, and save more fish along the way.

Bubba 7” Tapered Flex Folding Knife

Unfold perfection with the Bubba 7” Tapered Flex Folding Knife. Derived from the iconic 7” Tapered Flex, the NEW 7” Tapered Flex Folding Knife is designed for anglers who live a lifestyle of adventure and require a highly portable folding fillet knife that is built to last a lifetime while being versatile enough to handle any salt or freshwater fish. Whether you want to keep it in your pocket, in your tackle box, or on the boat, this knife easily folds down for effortless storage. The 7” Tapered Flex Folding Knife features the signature Bubba non-slip grip with a titanium-nitride coated, high carbon stainless steel blade that has the same flex as their 7” Tapered Flex. It is built with a premium lockback mechanism for a strong hold during use. This 7” Tapered Flex Folding Knife also comes with a sheath and lanyard hole for added security.

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Over $1,350 in Bubba gear up for grabs with four chances to win

61 on “Win A Bubba Gear Package!

  1. Mike T

    I have 2 Bubba knives already and love them; but you can never have enough Bubba gear!

  2. Rich Buckelew

    Bubba’s the best ! I own a couple different knives and have been using them religiously for a few years. Kick Ass !

  3. Alan

    I’m thinking of getting the hook extractor for when I fish pike. Anyone use them?

  4. Norman leclair

    Capt. Norm of the QualityTyme, can’t wait to try these great knifes

  5. betty rich

    i would love to win this it would be awesome to take on fishing trips,it would be the only knife u would need.

  6. Roman

    This is a really great package of quality products. You won’t need another set of knives.

  7. Richard Greenwald

    Thanks for the opportunity this is a really great giveaway Love to win it

  8. Annette

    Just started fishing again with husband, can’t wait to get back out there. We can really use the gear. fingers crossed to win. Thank you for the opportunity.
    16 year old grandson self taught fly fisherman, and doing a great job. Watching videos.

  9. Carmella Paulik

    Thanks, great package, would like to win for my grandsons.

  10. BS

    i have a friend that uses one of their filet knives for Fluke and he swears by it.

  11. Stewart Caldwell

    Just in time for the fall striper run . Impeccable timing .

  12. Leslee Cook

    This Fishing mamma is new to the sport (only because i tried it because of the old saying, if you can’t beat it, try it) and i am literally HOOKED! Caught the biggest fattest and longest haul on the boat last week (Black and Sea Bass) and yup I am the one cuttin up those nasty crabs for everyone else because i do it the fastest and the cleanest. This 55 yr old hot momma deserves me some bubba gear!!!!!

  13. Douglas Bacchiochi

    Fishing with Bubba. What more do you need…..besides a cold beer 😎

  14. Rita

    Have 1 Bubba knife and it is my favorite!!
    Love to have more to fillet these strippers.

  15. Tom P

    If there was a time for me to be lucky I would hope it would be now! These are great products, I would get some great use out of them. Thank you

  16. Randy Todd

    Bubba products are top of the line, thank for the opportunity to participate!

  17. will

    thanks for the shot at an awesome package ..could def. use a new filet knife too

  18. Matt C Nolan

    Ive never won fishing gear. But id like to someday. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win some gear!

  19. Eric Sandoval

    I am grateful to had win this beautiful complete bundle. I’m so excited and cant wait to put it in good use. Thank you OTW!!

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