St Croix Rift and Avid Inshore Rod Giveaway

St. Croix Giveaway


The new Avid Series Inshore rods are lighter, crisper, more sensitive, and better balanced in the hand, while supporting all the diverse ways inshore anglers fish.

23 distinct Avid Series Inshore models for 2024 now start from an all-new SCIII+ blank, precision engineered and crafted from a distinct combination of premium SCIII carbon and exotic SCVI carbon. Meanwhile, St. Croix’s proprietary Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART) and Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) are now used in conjunction with existing IPC and FRS technologies to dramatically increase strength and durability while enhancing smoothness and heightening each specific action.
St Croix Avid Inshore

St. Croix Avid Series Inshore Rods Feature:

  • SCIII+ carbon fiber blank
  • Stainless steel guides with alconite rings
  • Nylon reel seat with aluminum primary nut and stainless steel secondary nut
  • Agglomerated cork handle with non-marking rubber gimbal butt cap
  • 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service

See the All-New Avid Inshore In Action!



Encompassing 16 versatile boat models, St. Croix Rift Series rods are engineered and handcrafted in direct response to saltwater anglers demanding thinner and lighter rods with superior ergonomics, uncompromising strength and extreme durability.
RIFT rods feature SCIII carbon, IPC, FRS and TET technologies, making it easier to earn more success with less physical effort over every inch of water that saltwater anglers roam.

St. Croix Rift Salt Series
St. Croix Rift Salt Series
St. Croix Rift Jig Series
St. Croix Rift Jig Series

See the Rift In Action!


44 on “St Croix Rift and Avid Inshore Rod Giveaway

    1. Hugh Harp

      I have fish with St Croix Rods for approximately 27 years. I think that St Croix Rods are the lightest and most durable rods in the market for saltwater fishing.

  1. Gary James Dodd

    Your rods would be ideal for tiger fishing the Zambezi

  2. Ed

    I can’t even buy an Avid rod because they are never available. How can you give them away ??

  3. William Gordon

    I’ve bought four avids about five years ago and love them still using them

  4. John

    I can’t afford a St Croix rod so it would be nice to win one. Just snapped an Ugly Stik this weekend on a bluefish.

  5. Bill Lounds

    I have friends who have St Croix. I would love to have my own.

  6. P G

    I’m using a friends 20 year old st Croix rod and I would love to return it when I can afford one of my own.

  7. Joe C

    I LOVE all my ST CROIX rods .

  8. steve

    Love the St Croixs . I had a brand new advid a month ago new real on my friends boat didn’t even get to use it he accidently dropped it somehow in the ocean.

  9. Terry Craig

    Have never owned one due to the cost but believe they are fairly priced for the quality of the rods.

  10. Peter

    I have three (3) St. Croix freshwater rods. St. Croix does make the “best rods on earth.”

  11. michael bartosh

    Have freshwater rods would now like to get into fishing saltwater and these rods perform well

  12. Norm

    I have 3 Mojo Inshore 7’6″ Spinning rods and 1 Triumph 3 Pc 9ft Travel spinning rod.
    They are great and are my go to rods.
    I now need to add a 7’6″ – 8 ft Spinning rod for bigger size Tarpon.

  13. Mike Belke

    I’m turning 52 August 30th and I still have 7 spinning rods from my 20’s and another 13 rods to boot throughout the years!!!

  14. William West

    Got 3 St Croix Legends. Been fishing with St Croix for years. Love to add another to my collection

  15. Johnny B

    St. Croix rods have been really good to me. I’ve landed my personal best on them.

  16. Mark K

    I have a Triumph 7′ m/h casting rod that I bought about 15 years ago and I’ve been through 3 decent reels on that rod. It is still casting and catching fluke in the surf like it did when it was new! Amazing rod!

  17. Chris Bache

    I need a few more rods added to my arsenal! Love St. Croix rods!

  18. Bryan Ramirez

    I love to use St.Croix rods for inshore they are just the best.

  19. John Witching Hour

    I have had people tell me to have a custom rod built. I reply Why? I own 5 St. Croix rods and I think the design & engineering department’s have it figured out. All you need is to purchase one and you’ll be ” Hooked”.

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