Win 1 of 6 Incredible Saltwater Prize Packages From The Saltwater Edge!

Saltwater Edge Giveaway

The Saltwater Edge has been supporting anglers for over 20 years now. Our retail store is located in Middletown, RI, in the heart of some of the best fishing for Striped Bass you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our staff and contributors come from a wide variety of angling backgrounds and are always on the lookout for the next adventure.

Why do we do what we do?
We love fishing, and all the people, places, and experiences that come with it. We’re “Pro” having fun while angling, having the “right tools” for the job, and expanding your angling horizons. We’re “Con” degradation of natural resources, wind knots, tailing loops, backlash and poor driving.”

41 on “Win 1 of 6 Incredible Saltwater Prize Packages From The Saltwater Edge!

  1. Dan Ubaldini

    I enjoy waiting for your email. Your reports are right on the button. Everyone should subscribe

  2. Raymond Ross

    As a customer of Saltwater Edge and a Longtime Member of On the Water andStriper Cup , I would be one Happy Old Man to Win Something. Thank You.

    1. Sarin

      As a customer of Saltwater edge and an avid angler. I would be so thrilled to win something in life. Thank you!

  3. Allan Butler AKA Stripernut

    I was off the Rips of Monomoy just this past week with that same reel and lures taming stripers till our arms hurt! thanks for the opportunity to win some great gear from a great shop!

  4. Paul E Zipfel

    Paul Zipfel: Great to win. Haven’t won anything ever. This would be a great start.

  5. Bret Fowler

    Be great to win something for a sport that so many people enjoy and to explore a new fishing store in RI!
    Goodluck fisherman !

  6. Bobby Hill

    This is such a great experience. I get to bond with my son and enjoy fishing. I look forward to signing up each year.

  7. Robin


  8. David Gillum

    Love fishing and I fish North Jersey. Have never won anything, but would be nice.

  9. Joe

    This is the 1st that I’ve heard of the Saltwater Edge store in Middletown, RI. Looking forward to visiting soon

  10. Jack G.

    I may not win but I’m a winner every time I’m down by the water with a fishing pole in my had.

  11. Joe Russell 3rd

    I enjoy the amazing magazine and all tips we get to improve our experience in helpful ways.

  12. Bob B

    Made multiple purchases plus had my current Stradic repaired at Saltwater Edge. Great service! Looking forward to future visits.

  13. Russ Romond Jr

    Enjoy your website & articles. Thanks for sponsoring this contest.

  14. Richard Greenwald Great giveaway Love the magazine you guys always put together a good giveaway Good luck everybody

    Great giveaway thumbs up to you guys

  15. Bill gardner

    Your a winner with on the water great info and and have the edge with great gear from the saltwater Edge

  16. Bernie Jr.

    Great magazine, very informative. Would love to win something for the sport that I love and am now teaching my grandson about.

  17. BRey

    Enjoy your magazine and specials you run. Good luck everyone!
    Tight lines to all!

  18. Richard McNary

    The only thing I have ever won is when I was 8 yrs. old, I won a pair of ladies gloves. was very happy but I think winning a fishing package fron SW sportsman would be more on track for me!

  19. John S

    Great Shopping in their online shop for great gear! Enjoy their YouTube videos, podcasts and newsletter. Thanks to Saltwater edge for the opportunity to win some great gear!!!!

  20. Roy Barlow

    I have bought stuff there in the past. A very nice store layout with inviting staff

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