Enter to Win a Fully Guided Fishing Trip!

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Guidesly is the first mobile platform connecting anglers looking to find, review, and book guides for fishing trips. It is a one-stop spot for finding, vetting, booking, and paying (even tipping) when joining a professional guide or captain for a day on the water.

Guidesly takes in local fishing and weather reports, key markers on waterbodies, and all your preferences to set you up with elite guides for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Find, Review and Book Fishing Guides

Search any location in the United States and find top-rated local captains and fishing guides. We partner with the elite guides to give you the best selection.

Connect with the fishing community by sharing your latest catch or adventure with friends in our feed, and keep tabs on local reports, provided by the guides themselves!

Download the Guidesly App

In addition to connecting anglers with fishing guides, Guidesly allows anglers to share their conquests and track their success by location and fish species.

Guidesly features a full range of guides, from family-friendly operations to more serious outings for the avid angler, and users can determine which experience is best for them right on the app.

Services for Guides: Make It Easier to Run Your Business

In order to deliver an easy and enjoyable experience for the anglers, Guidesly goes above and beyond to take care of the guides and captains on the platform. All guides can set their prices, availability, and types of trips offered, while automated social media tools help guides market their business. Best of all, Guidesly has a dedicated Guide Success team that provides an around-the-clock support system.

Guidesly provides a profile builder, website, images, online payment (including tips), deposit management, in-app messaging, and additional customizable features to allow guides to focus on putting their clients on the fish.

So whether you’re a guide or hoping to fish with one of the best, check out Guidesly to make your next fishing trip an unforgettable experience.


33 on “Enter to Win a Fully Guided Fishing Trip!

  1. Dom Kalil

    Get Tight Sportfishing with Captain Brian Coombs out in Boston Harbor for large striped bass is a great experience… good times had by all on his new custom fishing boat! Thank You

  2. Donna Marshall

    I would be so happy to win this fishing trip! I love love love fishing!!

  3. Jay Cimbak

    I fish from a canoe and have a hard time catching a lot of fish or even fish of a decent size so I would love to have the opportunity to go on a fishing trip!

  4. Steve Gubernot

    Would love to go fishing again haven’t been out in a long time

  5. Tim

    What I wouldnt do for a free fishing trip from On the Water…..I can only wish for this bucket list.

  6. Ron Urban

    75 and never went on a chartered boat trip. Would complete my many fishing experiences.

    1. John Gimello

      Been stuck inside with Covid twice ! Would love to catch a tuna of any kind! Would make my year!!!🤞

  7. David Nemec

    Love to let someone else captain, give me a break plus I wouldn’t be on the hook for the cost of fuel!

  8. David Nemec

    Love to let someone else captain, give me a break plus I wouldn’t be on the hook for the cost of fuel! I even get to spend more time fishing and less worrying about others!

  9. Patrick Gregory

    Haven’t been out on the water for some time now. But the sights, sounds and smells are with me like it was yesterday! Would love to experience them again!

  10. Thomas Nunn

    will be 85 in August, still enjoy fishing and support the charter and head boat people that make it possible to keep on the water. Keep up the good work.

  11. Anthony wheeler

    I’m 67 Love fishing 🎣 taking my grandson on his first fishing trip he’s 13

  12. Tim Geremia

    I love going out on charters. I’ve been on some good and not so good ones. This would be a great way to get my wife out with me!

  13. Carol W

    This would be awesome! My boyfriend would love it! He works hard. He deserves it!

  14. Skip Tilton

    Wouldn’t it be great to fish the water off Cuttyhunk Island again with a guide!!

  15. Summer Barrios

    I wish u all could win !!!!!! How very nice it would be to enjoy the experience…it would also be a first for me .I wish u all the best of luck .

  16. Craig Desmarais

    I’ve been kayak fishing like a madman. It’d sure be nice to get on a boat looking for those cows without having to expend my energy so much…..for one day anyway 🙂

  17. Frederic

    The last few items on my bucket list have been getting on the water and fishing locally in Southeastern Ma. I’ve lived aside the best fishing spots my entire life but have never been able to get on the water and enjoy the best fishing just steps away….

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