Win A Complete Saltwater Outfit From FishLab and Okuma!

Fishlab Giveaway

Enter to Win One of Six FishLab and Okuma Saltwater Prize Packages!

Rockaway Surf Spinning Reel

Rockaway Surf Spinning Reel

The Rockaway Surf Reels features a long cast spool design and lightweight corrosion-resistant body and puts out up to 35 pounds of drag. The Rockaway Baitfeeder model features Okumas On/Off Baitfeeding system. All models feature a rigid metal handle design to reduce flex, and cyclonic flow rotor technology.

Rockaway Surf Rod

Rockaway Surf Rod

The Rockaway surf reels are designed to pair perfectly to the Rockaway Surf Rods. Built on lightweight and responsive 50/50 two-piece blank, it’s designed for long-distance casting. Models range from 8 to 12 feet, to cover everything from light plugs to bait-and-weight. Tapered non-slip shrink-tube grips provide a comfortable feel over long sessions in the surf.
Okuma SRT Inshore Rod

Okuma SRT Inshore Premier Rod

For schoolie stripers, backwater fluke, and albies, the Okuma SRT Custom Inshore Premier is lightweight, has a moderate-fast action that’s perfect for working topwaters and soft plastics. It’s built with a tapered split grip cork fore and rear grip design offering reduced weight, features a Fuji DPS reel seat for maximum reliability and reel stability, and has deep press 316-stainless steel guide frames with SeaGuide Zirconium inserts for use with braided and monofilament lines. Available in lengths of 7-foot to 7-foot 6-inch and actions of Medium Light to Heavy.

Okuma ITX Carbon Spinning Reel

Okuma ITX Carbon Spinning Reel

Paired with the Okuma ITX Carbon Spinning reel, this setup is light in hand, yet powerful enough to put the brakes on a big false albacore. The ITX is a compact, lightweight spinning reel that features a multi-disc, carbon fiber drag system with Okuma’s Hydro Block Gasket, keeping water out and the drag running smooth. High Performance, grease-packed bearings keep the reel running smoothly along with the precision machine cut brass pinion gear. And the Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing stops the reel on a dime. ITX reels are designed with Okuma’s CFR, Cyclonic Flow Rotor technology which sweeps water away from the two-toned anodized machined aluminum spool. One of the key features of the new ITX Carbon reels is the machined aluminum, screw-in handle design keeping your handle running tight with no more loosening screws.

FishLab Mad Eel

FishLab Mad Eel

FishLab’s take on the paddletail, the Mad Eel, is designed for boat, beach, and Canal. The rounded head is designed to scoot over rocks, and won’t dig into sandy bottoms like pointed jigheads, Bennett said. The head shape also provides a rolling action in current, sending out fish-attracting vibrations even in the dark.
Mack Attack Soft Swimbait

Mack Attack Soft Swimbait

Designed to be fished in heavy current or deep-water presentations, the paddle tail is designed to have a seductive kick on a cast and retrieve, slow trolled or straight drop.
Flanker Speed Jig Stick Bait

3 1/3″ Flanker Speed Jig – $17.99

The FishLab Flanker Speed Jig Stick Bait is a slim-bodied, mid-sized stick bait designed for high-speed retrieve when fishing for big game.
FishLab Wing Stick Bait

4.75″ Wing Stick Bait – $19.99

The FishLab Wing Stick Bait is designed for those times when big fish are feeding on relatively small baits. Comes pre-rigged with top-notch components, ready for big fish.

68 on “Win A Complete Saltwater Outfit From FishLab and Okuma!

  1. Kenneth Wilkins

    Outstanding products actually have a couple of their rods

  2. marc

    Have had a tough year these products could easily make a differance.

  3. J. Raya

    Love this fish labs /Okuma combination giveaway I need it.

    1. Syed Masood

      A good gesture and encouragement for senior citizens to go out and enjoy.

  4. Giuseppe Lamastra

    Would love to try them out and see what they can do

  5. Linda

    Thanks for the chance to win these terrific prizes! Thank you for your generosity! Good luck to everybody and stay safe!

  6. Richard Greenwat giveaway count me in thank you

    Great giveaway count me in please

  7. Joe Salamone

    I’m new to striper fishing and I’m just learning about Cape Cod Canal.
    I’m obsessed with watching the Striper fishing at the canal on the Youtube vides and what the gear is required Rods, Reels, and Tackle . These prizes perfect, I’m hoping to win!!

  8. Stewart Caldwell

    Impeccable timing. Bass run should start up soon.

  9. Jim

    Being limited to popular department stores is depressing. This would be a total blessing

  10. John

    One of my first reels was an Okuma and it has stood the test of time salt and all.

  11. John M

    Thank You “FISHLAB” “OKUMA’ “ON THE WATER for the chance to win these great prizes

  12. Richard Jacoby

    Thanks, appreciate the offer to experience your equipment. Rich

  13. Paul

    Since I am retired and haven’t touched a fishing pole for 50+ years, getting this salt water package would be great incentive for me to get my butt moving.

  14. MBS

    Thanks for the chance to try out this gear. My son and I live to fish!

  15. Raymond Ross

    I would Love to win this for my 76 Birthday October 10th.

  16. Jose

    I have Okuma Cedro for a while on a Ugly Stick and has been nothing but good to me, haven’t had any problem at all. Love to try this new inshore combo.


    Haven’t touched a rod or reel since dealing with hurricane Ian, would be great to out fishing great new high performance gear

  18. Dale Penwell

    Fantastic opportunity to win outstanding gear to fish the New Jersey shore from Point Pleasant to Long Beach Island!

  19. Rev. Lou E.Troester, lll

    regular reader of On The Water. Can always use a proven hint and quality equipment! Particularly liked the last Go Light article! Always a worthy read!

  20. Steven Stahl

    I’ve been using Okuma reels for years with great success and no regrets.

  21. Ramon Bobea

    We now have cell phones how did we ever live without?it purchase my first okuma how did I ever fish without it? I love my Okuma, love it, love it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  22. Will Dielmann

    I want the rod and reel so bad because my old marsh reel for red drum broke

  23. Vikki Smalling

    Love Okuma reels to bad I can’t find the reel with bait feeder in the area I live in fingers crossed glad I may get the chance to try and win one, no matter if I win or not I will have one sooner or later, because I will buy one great gear for beginner to professional. Thank you Okuma

  24. Charlie Eckel

    I love to win this equipment I’m just getting back to after having a heart transplant a yr ago and I really could some equipment

  25. Mark

    I hope to get in on the Fall Run action this year in South Jersey!

  26. Ray

    Certainly would be nice to have the Rockaway surf outfit. Maybe, with a lot of luck, it could happen!

  27. James (Jim) McCormack

    I’m 77 and hope to gift my daughter who loves to fish with “Pops”. Great sweepstakes, prizes, and magazine. Already referred it to my neighbor.

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