Enter To Win an Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120!

Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 giveaway

The Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 motorized kayak leverages Minn Kota’s Spot-Lock technology; motoring you to your fishing spot faster, and holding your position over the hole. Command the kayak with a touch of your thumb using the Bluetooth connected i-Pilot remote.
Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120


  • The saltwater-ready 45 lb. thrust 12V Minn Kota motor gets you effortlessly there and back
  • Spot-Lock technology holds your kayak in position despite wind and current. Maintain your position while keeping your hand free to cast, fight a fish or change lures.
  • Motor combines with foot brace steering for truly hands-free fishing and exceptional maneuverability
  • Premium seating for all day comfort. Dual-layer Textilene is durable, UV resistant and easy to clean. A mid-layer of 3D mesh adds comfort without inhibiting Textilene’s natural breathability. Position seat high or low in the kayak. Removable for transport
  • Large open cockpit and aft tank well provides a platform that is easy to organize with plenty of room to fish!
  • Four 18″ tracks enable easy on/off mounting of accessories
  • Two forward-facing and two rear-facing flush mount rod holders are there when you want them, and out-of-the-way when you don’t
  • Non-slip EVA foam deck pads provide traction and stand-up comfort
  • Equipped with shallow water anchor mounting inserts
  • Tournament-ready channels secure your fish measuring board with in-hull storage when not in use. Measuring board not included
  • Extra large rudder provides excellent boat control in forward and reverse
  • Lift assist helps deploy and stow motor quickly in shallow water or when launching and landing. 24 lbs. motor console can be removed for transport
  • Kill switch key holds the spare prop pin and doubles as a prop wrench
  • Console floor plug stores in the tank well and can be used to keep water out when the motor is removed or you want to paddle
  • Custom tackle box included
  • Lead-acid or lithium-ion battery compatible
  • Three through-hull wiring kits and a universal transducer mount allow you to mount a fish finder in minutes without the need to drill into your kayak.
  • Total Boat Capacity: 558 pounds
  • Assembled Hull: 128 pounds; Motor Console: 24 pounds
  • Usable capacity for people and gear: 406 pounds
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94 on “Enter To Win an Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120!

  1. Roman F/V RUFFIAN Rywak

    would love a new toy- don’t have one of these and a good looking one at that

  2. Francis X Segrest

    Nice opportunity to upgrade for my 10′ paddle kayak

  3. Angelo Sodano

    Looking for a complete portable package like this to make it easier to be on the water!

  4. Angelo Sodano

    Looking for a complete portable package like this to make it easier to be on the water!

  5. John P Lucey

    I love on the water magazine. I have used their recommendations for fishing charters like real deal. Those guys are pros. You guys bring out the best in New England.

  6. George Martin

    Great Kayak a fishermans dream. Another Bucket list item.

  7. William Reap

    What a great opportunity! Just got into kayaking 2 years ago and really enjoy it!
    Good Luck to all.

  8. Charles Lacombe

    My family has owned an 18 ft Old Town canoe for at least 50 years . It preceded the Royalex model.If you dinged it it could by fixed simply by heating the affected area with a light bulb and that would correct the problem . Great canoe many fond memories. Still in the family !!


    I hope i can win iv never won anything on the internet.

  10. Michael Kraynanski

    THIS IS THE ULTIMATE KAYAK!!!!! This would bring my fishing game to a new level!!! Amazing product. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Dennis Trifonov

    Nice looking kayak.
    Would LOVE to win it because I don’t have very much money and I need something like this to get our to good spots that other fisherman are going to and im all alone on the shore.
    Really need something like this.
    Just don’t have the money for it

  12. Dennis Trifonov

    What are the chances of me winning this kayak?
    I really WANT it:)

  13. Dan

    That kayak would be a dream come true for me and a nightmare for the fish.

  14. Ricardo Arocho

    I have a nice spot for it!
    It would be the envy of my fishing buddies.

  15. J.P. McC

    This would make fishing fun on the lake. More fishing less effort all access what more could be said?

  16. Thomas Griffin

    This kayak would get me back fishing , like I did in my younger years ! I miss it !

  17. dan dwyer

    My son could use this in his kayak tournaments. I’m too old now (knees)

  18. Bret Fowler

    Would love to haul in a striper from that awesome kayak !!!

  19. Adam

    I’d love to win something once in my life… so I can enjoy life….. tough if you can’t afford it so winning would be special to me anyway….

  20. Joseph Dias

    Would like to win this awesome fishn rig for my son Tyler.

  21. Mike Caplan

    That’s beautiful. I would sell my cc 18 footer and two kayaks if I won this one.

  22. Michael J. Lynch

    I have been looking for a Kayak to fish saltwater out of, This has all of the features anyone could want. Thank you for having this contest. Someone will very much appreciate this. Good Luck All.

  23. Ron K

    I’ve always wanted an Old Town kayak. This one takes it to another level!!

  24. Pete

    Due to a shoulder issue just sold the Native kayak and was looking to upgrade to the Old Town Sportsman 120 PDL…this would be BETTER YET 🙂

  25. Obadiah Steffen

    This would be awesome for those days I spend fishing offshore. I would finally be able to fully mod out my other kayak as the perfect duck hunting craft.

  26. George Bruno

    Since I sold my 18’ Larson, I am crazy not being on the water. This would be ideal for me in the back bay water for bass, blues and fluke. Love to win it and put it on my Colorado.

  27. Gregory

    WOW! What an awesome prize! Now that’s what I would call a “Real Dreamboat!” 🙂

  28. Mike T

    I bought the Old Town Predator MX a few years ago at the Striper Fest charity auction. Would be great to pass that on to my son and get the upgrade with the Minn Kota; no more paddling! 🙂

  29. Ryan K

    Love Old Town! This would be a nice upgrade from my older base Predator paddle-only model!


    Old Town Quality with the NEW TOWN look! Love it! Would be great on the Lake! -Tim

  31. Cory Watson

    I’ve been questioning myself do I need a Kayak as storage in my apartment would be tight. But I guess my girlfriend will learn with some pillows it’s better than the couch!. It is the full package…

  32. Jackson Brook

    Theres a point covered with brush with fish exploding on everyday and I can’t get to it this would be awesome to have

  33. Ken bagdasarian

    All ways wanted one would be nice could fish long island sound montauk

  34. Joe C

    PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!, it would take a lot to find a better set up then this.
    Would love to see myself in that Kayak.

  35. Louie

    Lost my last Old Town (an ancient Charles River 16′ ) to a storm some years ago. It would be nice to have an Old Town Again. —- All be it very different !

  36. Gary Garofalo

    I live near to the Long Island sound. I used to kayak for huge Stripers and Bluefish. I have been benched from the game with heart failure and just can no longer paddle great distances. It would be hard for me to get out of the harbor. A motorized Kayak would put me first string back in the game. It would certainly be a dream come true.

  37. Maria Garofalo

    My husband and 2 sons are hardcore fisherman. My husband has slowed up quite a bit with some health issues. I know he would be thrilled to get his hands on a motorized Kayak. I would also enjoy my hobby of photography a great deal from this awesome kayak.

  38. Mark

    I’ve been trying to get into kayak fishing for 2 years now! This would be a game changer for me if I win this !

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