Enter To Win A St. Croix MOJO Rod and Gear Package!

St Croix Mojo Giveaway
St. Croix Mojo Surf Rod
The hardcore Mojo Surf rods feature stunning performance and value and are ideally suited for serious anglers who fish in extreme conditions.
St Croix Mojo Inshore
Beautifully designed for specific inshore techniques, the Mojo Inshore series puts exceptional performance rods in your hands at an affordable price.
St Croix Mojo Salt
Mojo Salt rods feature a proprietary blend of SCII graphite with FRS technology and linear S-glass. Our dynamic formula, when matched with IPC® and ART™ technologies, produces a lightweight, durable rod that outperforms other boat rods.
St Croix Mojo Jig
New last year, Mojo Jig rods help anglers magically master vertical jigging. Designed specifically for saltwater use, these sticks feature SCII graphite blanks pumped with FRS and ART™ technology for unmatched strength and durability.

64 on “Enter To Win A St. Croix MOJO Rod and Gear Package!

  1. Steven Morecock

    I have only fished MoJo – they are the best rods going and can’t wait to go Social distancing again this spring/summer out on the Cape, The canal and down to the Outer Banks of NC .. My only Weapon, My Only Tool .. MoJo’s

    1. Kyle S

      Been fishing a Mojo Surf with a Shimano Ultegra and loving it, best rod I’ve ever had.

  2. Scott Therrien

    Just love to fish, salt, fresh.. Have been using the same equipment for years , be nice to try something new

  3. billy henault

    ive got a mojo it blew up…id love to win a replacement or im gonna have to check he warranty

  4. Allan Nanan

    I have never bought the good rods because life keep getting in the way. This is a good opportunity to experience the hype.

  5. Roman Dudus

    These are top of the line rods. Can’t get any better. You can catch just about everything with these rods. High quality. Anyone would be lucky to win these.

    1. Chris B

      Love to add a few of these to the arsenal! Best rods on the planet …. Period!

      1. Chuck

        Great quality rods , that can fit everyone’s price range . I have 3 , looking to treat myself to #4 , this holiday weekend. Once I check with the boss. ????????

  6. Edward Schmidt

    never owned a st.croix rod a little out of my price range sure would like to try one.

  7. Bill Mccormick

    Love to win Mojo rods. Will match it up with a shimano saragosa reel.

  8. bob mariano

    all my favorite rods that I use for walleye, steelhead and fluke fishing are st Croix. well worth the money

  9. Helen

    I love salt water fishing. Would be awsome, to get top of the line rods.

  10. bumknee

    Holy crap you guys.
    Please Please please let me win!
    Have a little dignity and let the chips fall where they may.

  11. Theresa M Girolami

    I have always wanted a St. Croix MOJO Rod. It would be the most exciting to happen to me, ever!

  12. John

    Love to fish, even when the bite is off. Never tried top tier equipment. This could be the opportunity I’ve been dreaming about.

  13. Thomas Caswell

    I have a custom St Croix rod for over 25yrs, I do not use any other brand of Surf Rods

  14. Joe d

    I fish the cape cod canal and I love my 11ft 3-8 oz mojo great rod awesome feel and sensitivity ??

  15. George

    St Croix were my father’s first choice in rods, now memorialized in his memory on the wall: a spinning rod and fly rod from late 50’s-early 60’s.

  16. Walt

    Just moved to Sebastian Bay inlet area for winter would love to try a St Croix rod on their strippers

  17. Steve Anderson

    I have one St Croix rod I bought in a used bin a Red Top over 20 years ago. It came with an Abu Garcia Ambassador and the outfit is still a go to one in excellent condition. Excellent company.

  18. Pat

    St Croix
    Best quality and no equal or better warranty that this wonderful company.
    St Croix fish better hide I m coming with my new gear.

  19. Mike Bard

    I still have a 20 year old StCroix walleye rod that still performs. Bought several since. Better than many high priced rods. Would love to win a Mojo.

  20. Kris Wynne

    I have the 8ft Mojo surf and its awesome. Its fun with schoolie bass and can handle larger fish no problem. I landed a 47lb striper with it. I got my buddy to buy one and he loves it.

  21. John Domings

    Been a freshwater St Croix man for years! Now is the the time to go St Criox for saltwater fishing!

  22. Bill Antonucci

    Have St.Croix freshwater fly rod…love it! Fathers day just around the corner and a St. Croix Salt Water rod would be the perfect gift.

  23. James Meehan

    Sad to say 4 of my st. Croix salt water rods were stolen off my boat while unattended for only five minutes to pay for the gas. And unfortunately insurance covers 0 on equipment ? hopefully win one.

  24. Roy Barlow

    good rods good price. No BS just straight advice. Don’t pay inflated prices for more than you need. St. Croix has the stuff to make your fishing just right.

  25. cora hill

    nice…love to fish with these!! hope the fish i catch will look as good also..just saying!

  26. Kevin

    I live on the Rogue River in Oregon. I’d love to win a rod for catching some Salmon or trout!

  27. dina lindia

    My husband and I have been fishing a St Croix 10’6″ mojo…love them stripers baby!

  28. John W.

    Love my Mojo Inshore and have been itching to pick up a Mojo Surf rod, great rods and affordable too.

  29. Luis Saldivia

    St Croix freshwater rod is the best, is time for saltwater rod

  30. Mike Wehner

    I would love to try a mojo rod, it sounds like a great rod!

  31. Trimp

    I have had 2 St Croix fly rods for trout, purchased 20 yrs ago!! Absolutely love them. Would love to win the Mojo Surf to add to my arsenal. If not Fathers day is coming up.

  32. Hugh Schultz

    I have two St Croix 8 ft rods for 10 years. They are Great for lures up to 2 1/2 oz. Caught many fish with them They are great, my go to rods.

  33. George S

    I’ve been using a MoJo for the couple of years. The MoJo helped pull some nice striped bass out of the bay. Love to get another one!

  34. david Mahanna

    Have a friend going thru kidney dialysis and have just started taking him fishing. Would be a great surprise for him. Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Adeline matray

      Would make a perfect gift for my husband. I’m fighting cancer and my husband has been my rock thru the past 8 months. He sure could use a nice fishing break.

  35. Renae Ryan

    I would love to win this. My grandson just graduated from high school and I would love to give this to him. Ty

  36. Scott

    It would be nice to win a mojo surf rod. Right now I’m only got one rod for surf and would love to add a second for chunking bunker for stripers.

  37. Dalton Turley

    This would be sooooo amazing if I won this. I have never owned a surf rod, but hope to by the end of this giveaway!!!

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