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JoeBaggs Tackle Lure Lineup

Joe D’Agostino started JoeBaggs Tackle in 2014, making bucktails and jigheads. Since then, he has expanded his catalog to include albie jigs, soft plastics, hard-plastic swimming plugs, and topwater plugs.

Joe Baggs Swarters

Joe Baggs Swarters
The Swarter, named for its hybrid appearance between a swimming plug and a darter, takes the long, slender profile of the Daiwa SP Minnow and pairs it with a sloped face like the Yo-Zuri Mag Darter, giving it a unique action. It has a tight wiggle and holds well in moderate surf, but can also be fished at breachways, inlets, rivers, or in back bays. The Swarter shines in the early spring when spearing are abundant.

JoeBaggs Patriot Fish

Patriot Fish
Patriot Fish are designed to handle big fish. This swimbait comes with one fully rigged on a custom collared bait holder design jig and with a replacement tail. These long-bodied lures have a nice side to side motion with a tail that vibrates to the tip of the rod. The 1/2 and 3/4 oz come with a 7/0 extra strong short shank hook and 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 oz. come with an 8/0 hook. These baits are engineered to handle large predatory fish.

JoeBaggs Patriot Fish Diagram
Casting and retrieving the Patriot Fish perpendicular to the boat will allow you to cover more ground in comparison to traditional bait fishing.

JoeBaggs Bottom Dweller Scented Baits

Bottom Dwellers are scented with 3 unique blends that are infused into the plastic to ensure LONG lasting results. Bottom Dwellers deserve a solid chance as they are very durable and have some of the most vivid colors and action to get fish to strike. Open a bag and you’ll be blown away by how strong of a scent these have. The stronger the better.

JoeBaggs Freedom Fish

Freedom Fish
Freedom Fish Freedom Fish are a wide-body bait that is a full inch in diameter and width. They are 8.5 inches in length and feature the custom SPJ collar design that holds plastic. These baits mimic all forage species like bunker, mullet, herring, mackerel, and shad.

Joe Baggs Lay-Perfect Tog Jigs

Lay Perfect Tog Jigs
Jigs are the way to go when targeting rock-dwelling tautog. Jigging is relatively new and has become the hottest way to catch big blackfish/tog. Our Lay-Perfect Tog Jigs are proven to work in all colors and sizes. You just need to add crab to these ultra-sharp hooks and set up shop on a pile of fish.

Joe Baggs Resin Jigs

Resin Jigs
These Resin Jigs are durable and feature a thick durable clear finish around a traditional lead jig. These are best for Albies and Bonita when in season. They are also used for Lake Trout, Bluefish, Stripers, Seabass, Porgy, Tog, Flounder, Tuna, and perch.

JoeBaggs Block Island Baits

Block Island Baits
These eels are a full 14.5 inches long and have a solid creation with no slit to ensure you get the most out of these baits. We recommend our SPJ jigs for these baits as they are a perfect fit and specifically designed for big bait applications.

JoeBaggs Sandeels

JoeBaggs Sandeels
These Sandeels are a realistic vision of our favorite bait. They are fitted with solid hooks. These can be fished from the back bays to the open ocean for the following fish stripers, fluke, seabass, bluefish, sea trout, redfish, snook, weakfish etc.

Freedom Shad

Freedom Shad
The Freedom Fish has always been designed to catch big fish and is now offered in a 1-ounce Freedom Shad. These wide bodied lures have a nice side-to-side motion with a tail that vibrates to the tip of the rod. At 5 inches long with huge eyes, this lure mimics all types of baitfish and is engineered to handle large predatory fish.

JoeBaggs The Skipper

JoeBaggs The Skipper
A new topwater plug for striped bass, bluefish, tuna and more. At 2.75 ounces, it allows shore anglers extremely long casting distances as it punches through wind like Mike Tyson in his prime. This dynamic lure can be fished in the traditional walk-the-dog style or like a pencil popper. The Skipper was designed for big fish with 100% thru-wired 1.6mm stainless wire and Internal construction reinforced at weak points making it a tuna-grade plug. It will be offered in three different colors, bone, yellow/white and chrome bunker and will be available for purchase soon.

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85 on “Enter to Win a JoeBaggs Tackle and Lure Package!

  1. Ron L

    Winning this package will help me prove Joe Baggs Tackle is the real deal.

  2. Vinny Eadicicco

    I’m a subscriber to your magazine. I want to win win win…

  3. Tom Tom

    What a great selection of lures. I’d love these to increase my odds. So realistic!

  4. Michael Kraynanski

    These would bring my fishing game to a new level. Thanks for the chance!!

  5. Dan D

    Love the joe Baggs tackle I already have,would love more ,great stuff

  6. John S

    Great package of fantastic gear. The tog jigs slay the blackfish in LI Sound!!!!

  7. Joe C

    I have used some of this gear and have absolutely slayed them. Joe Baggs knows his stuff

  8. Tom Dennis

    Been using Joe Baggs lures for years. They never fail to catch!

  9. John Williams

    I’ve seen some nice stripers come up on the swarters, would love to give them a try !

  10. Don Luciani

    Great prize packages. Never used these before. I love to try anything that produces the catch. thank you

  11. John C. Taylor

    I take a few old guys like me fishing in Maryland . I have never charged anyone to go fishing.
    No bait, No Gas, no food.
    My boat is a Judge 27 Sportfisher, purchased in 1999.When i turned 59.
    Now you can guess how many years I have done this and we jig a lot of different lures.
    Now you also know how old I am. A new set of lures would be very welcome.

  12. Timothy Boxell

    This would help me have the edge over my nephew who thinks he’s the best fisherman there is.

  13. ian jazon

    I brought fluke seabass silicon jig to the Philippines and it killed it, local fisherman got blown away with what i catch

  14. Mike williams

    Joe Baggs lures would be a great addition to my arsenal and would hopefully be a deciding factor in snagging the “big one”!

  15. Geo Fish

    I’ve never used Joe Baggs lures or jigs but sure would like to try them. Could be my new “go to”

  16. John Fawcett

    Recently moved to the lower cape and can’t wait to get out there.

  17. Reginald S

    Would love to win this and give it to my brother. It would make his year!

  18. dave braz

    thank you joe baggs and on the water for this wonderful opportunity to win one these 1st class tackle packs good luck to all!!

  19. Kelly Ramdass

    As usual, Joe Baggs quality products, catches productive fish.

  20. Martin in Maine

    I want to show these Mainers what a transplant from Jersey can do with a bag of Baggs.

  21. NM

    Great opportunity to try something new, I put them to the test, and hope for the Best !!! Thank you…..

    1. Joel Somers

      They look very durable n similar to many lures I use hope I get a chance to see if their better

  22. Chris in Chesapeake Bay

    Man … these are ALL awesome realistic lures I could use the Bay! Perfect Rockfish killers!

  23. cheryl lash

    I am going to Lake Champlain in June for the derby…..pick me

  24. Michael

    Great job you guys . Love that your giving back to us fisherman! I’m feeling lucky 🍀

  25. billy h

    any one of these packages wold be awesome to win..great product love to share pics of what i end up catching on them..thnks for the chances

    1. Dylan applegate

      Would love to try these out new to saltwater fishing and these would be great to use!!

  26. Mary E. Caldwell

    Yes Sir, fishing is my thing, I would use it like a new pair of shoes, send it to me,

  27. George Eskholme

    I would like to win these lures .
    It would be such fun to use them.

  28. Dan B

    never fished his stuff,,,I have never seen it in So Cali & So Oregon…but would definately like to test some stuff out

  29. Andre Dubreuil

    nice looking colors would like to try them i fish the canal Andre

  30. Bernie Jr.

    Great looking lures, first year in striper club. I’m sure these would help catch some. Thanks for the chance.

  31. Bernie Jr.

    , First year in striper club. I’m sure these would help catch some. Thanks for the chance.

  32. Paul

    Joe you’ve come a long way and your lures are spot on. Great to see young family guy making a name for himself.

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