Choosing Costa Sunglasses Lens Color for Fishing

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What is the difference between Costa blue mirror and green mirror? Are gray lenses or copper lenses best for fishing?

You have options when it comes to choosing the lens color for your Costa sunglasses. This guide will help you understand the differences between lens colors so you can choose the best lens for your fishing.

Costa Cut Blue Mirror
Costa Cut in Coconut Fade with Blue Mirror Polarized with Costa’s 580 technology

Costa offers seven lens colors that range from low-light conditions (like dawn) to extremely bright light with blinding glare.

Here’s an overview of Costa’s lens colors, from light to dark:

1. Sunrise Silver Mirror LensSunrise Silver Mirror Lens

Light Transmission: 25%
Base Lens Color: Yellow
Best For: Fishing in low-light conditions
Overview: Costa’s Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses let in more light than any other Costa lens. They enhance color and increase contrast in low light – dawn, dusk, and overcast conditions.

2. Copper LensCopper Lens

Light Transmission: 12%
Base Lens Color: Copper
Best For: Sight Fishing, Driving
Overview: Super versatile, Costa’s copper lens cuts glare, increases contrast and warms colors, making them ideal for sight fishing and driving in sunny and cloudy conditions.

3. Gray LensGray Lens

Light Transmission: 12%
Base Lens Color: Gray
Best For: All-around water and land activities
Overview: Costa’s gray lens also offers 12% light transmission but feels slightly darker to most users. It is a very neutral lens, cutting glare and enhancing colors without changing their appearance. The result is very “crisp” but natural.

4. Copper Silver MirrorCopper Silver Mirror

Light Transmission: 12%
Base Lens Color: Copper
Best For: Sight Fishing in Streams/Inshore
Overview: The copper base provides great contrast for sight fishing, while the silver mirror reflects direct light for a darker feeling. Ideal for fishing in changing light conditions, such as on a stream with bright light and shadows.

5. Green MirrorGreen Mirror

Light Transmission: 10%
Base Lens Color: Copper
Best For: Sight Fishing in Full Sun
Overview: Copper base with green mirror provides high contrast that is ideal for sight-fishing flats and inshore waters in bright sun.

6. Blue MirrorBlue Mirror

Light Transmission: 10%
Base Lens Color: gray
Best For: Offshore Fishing
Overview: Costa’s signature lens is ideal for offshore boating and fishing in deep water where cutting glare in bright sun is the priority.

7. Gray with Silver MirrorGray with Silver Mirror

Light Transmission: 10%
Base Lens Color: Gray
Best For: Everyday Activities
Overview: Similar to Costa’s blue mirror lenses, but with a more conservative look that makes them a favorite for everyday activities, especially off the water.

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7 on “Choosing Costa Sunglasses Lens Color for Fishing

  1. Ryan

    My favorite lense color is the one thats not inside of a $200 piece of plastic

  2. Rick Patrick

    I own three pair of Costas, all prescription. I use them for work, fishing and snowboarding…..they are worth every penny!!

  3. John G

    I had one of my prescription lenses drop right out of my frames into the water. They are trying to charge me $470 for a replacement lens!!! Yes that is correct $470! Absolutely. Ridiculous! Eff them.

  4. Lee Collins

    I own several pairs of Costa del Mar sunglasses with 580g lenses and love them all. I will not own anything other than Costa’s.

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