Our Most Popular Videos of 2020

The past year of filming for OTW did not look at all how we’d planned it back in January of 2020, with travel restrictions, lockdowns, and social distancing orders basically forcing us to scrap our initial shoot plans. But, as we adapted to the “new normal” of 2020, we had a great season of fishing and filming. Here are the five most popular videos we produced for our website and social media over the past year. Thanks for watching!

5. Fishing Teasers for Surf Stripers

Often, stripers in the surf key in on small baitfish, that can be tough to imitate with plugs and jigs. Under these circumstances, adding a teaser above your lure can lead to more bites. In this video, Jimmy Fee explains how to rig and fish a teaser for stripers.

4. Virtual Seminar: Stripers from Backwater to Big Water with Captain Jack Sprengel

While we would have much preferred an in-person party for StriperFest 2020, we made the most of the situation, turning the one-day event into a week of giveaways and seminars. We kicked off the week with this seminar by Shimano’s Captain Jack Sprengel, who detailed his approach to finding and big stripers from the bays to Block Island.

3. Squid Jigging in Narragansett Bay

The spring squid run in Rhode Island gives angler’s the opportunity to fill their freezers with bait and their bellies with fresh fried calamari. In this video, we joined our friend Greg Vespe for a night of squid jigging on Narragansett Bay.

2. Plunging for Steamer Clams

One of the first videos in our new Living Off The Land and Sea series, featuring Andy Nabreski, this video shows how to use to a specialized plunger to gather soft shell clams, one of the tastiest shellfish found in the Northeast.

1. Bridling Live Bunker with a Circle Hook

With mandatory circle hook regulations for striped bass fishing in Massachusetts this year (and the rest of the Northeast beginning in 2021), anglers are wondering how to adapt these new regs to their fishing. So, it’s no surprise that Captain Brian Coombs’ explanation of how to bridle a live bunker was our most viewed video in 2020.


Thanks to everyone who watched our videos in 2020, and we will have a ton more video content coming out in 2021. If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to the On The Water YouTube Channel, so you don’t miss any new videos!

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