Offshore Fishing Toolbox: Snips, Cutters and Pliers

4 Best Fishing Pliers, Cutters and Snips

Offshore fishermen have a well-deserved reputation for being sticklers for detail. When you make the investment in time and money to get out to the tuna grounds, it’s not worth cutting corners. The crews that are organized, prepared, and meticulous in their rigging are the ones that consistently place in tournaments and head back to the dock early when the fishboxes are loaded to capacity.

Rigging right begins with having the right tools. Here are four of the best fishing tools that will have you snipping wire, trimming tag ends, and finishing every rig with perfect precision.
Cuda Titanium Bonded 8" Snip
1) Dedicated Snips
A pair of nail clippers might make sense for snipping trout tippets, but they won’t cut it when it comes to the heavy mono and braid used for big saltwater species. Stock your rigging station with a pair of serious scissors, like the Cuda Titanium Bonded 8″ Snip, to make quick work of 80-pound mono.  With blades that are 3x harder than untreated steel, they will stay sharp for a longer time and allow precise trimming of tag ends to keep rigs neat and tidy.

Cuda 6.75" Wire Cutters2) Serious Wire Cutters

Wire is a must when fishing for toothy trophies like wahoo and sharks. Cuda’s 6.75″ Wire Cutters have high-leverage compound action and are designed to cut wire and heavy mono. The full-tang, durable construction and high-carbon titanium-bonded blades will stay sharp while slicing through leader material, making for quick rigging sessions.

7.5" Cuda Titanium-Bonded Pliers

3) Handy Pliers

Every member of your crew should have a pair of pliers within reach for popping out hooks and cutting line at a moment’s notice. At a reasonable $45.99, it’s a no-brainer to outfit everyone on board with a pair of 7.5″ Cuda Titanium-Bonded Pliers featuring Tungsten Carbide mono and braid cutting blades. Includes a ballistic nylon sheath for storage and a convenient lanyard.

Cuda 7.5" Mono/Braid Fishing Pliers & Wire Cutters

4) Captain’s Choice: Dual-Cutting Pliers
Yes, you can have it all, and if you’re the captain, you deserve it. A pair of pliers that include both a mono/braid cutter and a wire cutter belong on every captain’s belt. Cuda’s 7.5″ Pliers with wire cutters are a serious tool and the ultimate multi-tasker for an offshore fisherman. You’ll feel naked without them.

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