Yamaha Upgrades Helm Master EX

Improved design includes increased functionality and new trim and lighting options

Yamaha Helm Master EX now includes an improved, space-saving Digital Electronic Control (DEC) design with increased functionality and new trim and lighting options, the availability of integrated bow thruster control, and a new joystick with new functionality and trim and lighting options. With the addition of the recently introduced joystick-only control station, Helm Master EX continues to offer the most premium boating experience.

The new Digital Electronic Control binnacle delivers a new level of boater convenience and console space savings. Now equipped with integral Power and an All Start/Stop switch directly on the unit, this binnacle eliminates the need for separate Power and All Start/Stop switches on the console for both main and second stations. The new Digital Electronic Control grip echoes the soft tech grip used on Yamaha’s popular Helm Master EX joystick. To further enrich the boater experience, customers can also choose between optional black trim or traditional chrome trim to customize the binnacle to taste.

The new joystick is now available with the same optional black trim as the new binnacle, to match a console fitted for the sleek, black look. Boaters also have the ability to customize the look of the console with new joystick trim and nine new LED light color options including: Blue, Sky, Mint, Green, Yellow, Red, Sakura (which means “Cherry Blossom” in Japanese), Purple or White through a simple adjustment in the CL5 or MFDI-equipped MFD.

Yamaha also introduces integrated bow thruster control through the Helm Master EX joystick. When activated, the integrated bow thruster is an on-demand, self-activating feature that works in concert with the Helm Master EX joystick to enhance lateral movement and pivoting by automatically engaging the bow thruster in variable speed to match operator input. The bow thruster automatically compliments SetPoint® functions and helps keep the boat on track when using autopilot functions. Available for twin and triple engine configurations, operators can selectively activate this feature to integrate power and operation of the bow thruster and Helm Master EX system through the joystick. Independent bow thruster control remains possible by simply using the conventional bow thruster controls at any time.

Boaters can now access full maneuverability with Yamaha’s Joystick Station. Accompanied by the CL5 gauge, Emergency Stop switch, All Start/Stop switch and a newly designed harness, the Helm Master EX Joystick Station reaches new heights in functionality using a minimum of space. Boaters now have access to all joystick and SetPoint Full Maneuverability functions from a location away from the main helm, which is helpful when pulling boats into slips, steering on-the-fly while chasing a fish or circling a favorite fishing hole.

The new Yamaha Helm Master EX upgrades will be available in the spring of 2023.

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